How to Find the Perfect Job For You

When you’re fresh out of high school you most likely don’t know what you want to do or you’re a small percentage of a few people just coming out of high school who knows exactly what kind of career they want to follow. So what should you do and how do you get that perfect job?

Sit down and think about it

What you should do is sit down somewhere and really think hard about it. This is a pretty big decision and it will affect your life (talking from experience). Do you want to become something you can’t afford? Then go overseas and make some money. This decision will change your whole life and nobody wants to think about how life could have been if they could only have studied [insert dream job here]!

Search Job websites

The next best thing to do is browse job websites. When I came out of school I didn’t know what I should study and I jumped into the first thing that came into my mind, photography. Although it was an interesting career I eventually ended up in website development. Photography was only part of the whole and not what I should have focused on as a study field; it feels like I have lost a few years which I could have spent on following the right career path for me. Little did I know the different fields of photography or how many different fields that have photography as a subject in them. Start browsing, take notes and then do some research. It’s a great way to open up your field of choices.

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Talk to your friends

Your friends with your friends for a reason, you share the same insights and enjoy the same things. If you’re unsure about what you should be doing in life start looking at what they are doing, their interests and what you always talk about.

Build up networks

Networking is everything when it comes to finding the perfect career for you. Start joining social groups online and offline who chat about your interest. Start asking questions, reply with thoughtful answers and you might even get a job.

Use social media

Social media websites are a good way to stay up to date with the latest vacancies from companies. I suggest that you subscribe to job search portals Twitter and Facebook feeds to get their latest vacancies. If you are applying for a more creative position it might even be worth creating a video on Youtube about yourself and to showcase your skills.

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