Creating a Project and Finding a Good Cast

It doesn’t matter what type of talents you possess, working in the film industry is hard work.  The main problem that many actors, makeup artists and stunt professionals face is that they find it difficult to get a job.  When they do land a job, it is over sooner than they could have imagined.  Unfortunately, working this type of career definitely does not help when it comes to getting your bills paid.  Thankfully, Doddle can change things for you so that you are recognized by people who work in the industry and are looking for fresh talent.

Doddle is a fantastic website that is literally used by thousands of professionals who all work in the film industry.  Whether it’s someone who is creating a film or someone looking to star in a movie, there are thousands of profiles all over the site.  This website is unique in that it allows users to create profiles and get recognized for their talents.  You do not have to worry about looking at ads and doing your own advertising just to find a job that will pay the bills.  All you need to do is create a profile and get yourself started on a great career.

If you are new to using this site, you may be wondering how it works and how you can get yourself known.  Your first step is to create an account to your own specifications and needs.  You can create an account as a talent person, such as an actor or makeup artist.  If you are creating a film, you can actually create an account just for these types of needs.  From there, you will be able to enjoy what Doddle has to offer.  You can look for jobs, create a profile and basically get your name out there so that you can begin a great new career.


Another fantastic thing that Doddle offers is a call sheet iPhone app after you have created an account.  Just download this app to your android phone and you can keep in touch with crew members and producers.  You can answer messages, check statuses and see what talent is available in your area.  If you’re looking for work, this app is a great way to stay connected even if you are away from home.  You just have to download the app to your phone in order to begin reaping its many benefits.

Just create a profile and get yourself known so that you can begin working in the field that you love.  You will be shocked to see how many callbacks you get when you build a professional profile that showcases all of your many talents and credentials.  This is why many actors use the site to find jobs and why so many film makers use it to find raw talent for their next big project.

Anne Harvester “Working in the film industry no longer has to be a difficult and trying task.  By using Doddle, they take all of the hard work out of it for you.”

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