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Audit jobs in Switzerland comprise surprisingly large numbers, with the French, German, and Italian speaking regions of Switzerland contributing significantly to the country’s audit market. For the French speaking regions, the largest number of audit jobs can be found in Geneva, Lausanne, and Neuchatel. For the German speaking regions, the bulk of audit jobs can be found in Zurich, Winterthur, Zug, and Lucerne. Lugano, of the Italian speaking region of Switzerland, is also a prime spot for auditors.

Why Switzerland Makes Prime Destination for Auditors

1. High quality of living. Audit jobs in Switzerland provide highly attractive opportunities, not just because there is plenty of jobs on the market, but also because Switzerland is internationally known for having one of the highest quality of living in the world. The country is a widely favored destination for audit professionals who are seeking international opportunities.

2. Global banking. Likewise, Switzerland is also renowned in the global business sphere for its highly stable banking industry that include general investment, corporate banking, and private banking products and services.

Aside from a wide array of job opportunities, auditors in Switzerland can also enjoy three other major benefits:

3. High salary levels. Salary levels for audit jobs in Switzerland are comparatively higher than in other countries.

4. Low tax rates. One of the reasons why Switzerland is considered as one of the best places to live in is its low tax rate.

5. Attractions and activities. Switzerland is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and also offers a wealth of enjoyable activities including skiing, among others. These provide additional incentives for people who wish to work and live in the country.

Audit Job Titles to Watch Out For

When searching for job opportunities in Switzerland, auditors should watch out for the following job titles, depending on which part of the country they prefer.

For those who wish to live in Switzerland’s French speaking part of the country, audit jobs in Geneva go by these titles:

  • Audit interne
  • Auditeur
  • Auditrice
  • Audit des systemes d’information
  • IT auditeur
  • Auditeur informatique

If you prefer Switzerland’s German speaking regions, available audit jobs in Zurich include:

  • Revisor
  • Interne revision stellenangebote
  • Prufungsleiter interne revision
  • Interne bilanz stellenangebote

Audit jobs in Geneva and Zurich have one thing in common – a common trend among audit jobs in Switzerland: they mostly involve internal auditing for large international groups. This means that as an auditor in Switzerland, you will most likely be working with corporate audit teams.


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Audit jobs in other parts of Switzerland also have their own unique characteristics. For example, the best audit jobs in Basel are those in the pharmaceutical sector, while external audit jobs are more common in Lugano.

Requirements for Audit Professionals in Switzerland

Audit professionals who wish to work in Switzerland have to meet certain requirements. Locally, the main qualification is SCA. International firms, however, welcome global qualifications such as ACCA, ACA, CPA, and so on. Different auditing associations may also have different qualifications. For example, the ISACA in Switzerland favors the CISA qualification, while The Swiss Institute of Internal Auditing or SIIA favors the CIA qualification.

Bearing the right qualifications will make the application process for audit jobs in Switzerland easier and smoother.

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