Valentine’s Day Jewellery

What with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you’re most likely looking for the perfect gift for your significant other. Often, February 14th can be fraught with pressures, from where to make dinner reservations to what to wear.

Feeling panicked? Anxious about what to get? One word of advice: don’t take the chocolates and roses route. It’s boring. If you’d rather woo your woman with something special instead of a weekend away to a far-flung destination, take the chicer path. Valentine’s Day is the one day on which you can celebrate all you love about your lady with a memorable gift she can cherish forever. Quite simply, opt for Valentines jewellery.

Trendy ladies know a thing or two about fashion and know what suits them. So naturally, she’ll change her style fairly frequently as she follows the latest trends. By and large, her look is up to date and uncluttered. Sweet, simple designs featuring different textures are definitely the key to her look.

Vintage ladies (by which I mean her style, not age!) are currently delighting in their style revival with their quirky, unusual retro look finally coming back into fashion in a big way. Since her wardrobe is most likely filled with fashion from every decade, the same goes for Valentines Day jewellery. So how about a brooch to jazz up her retro dress, cardi, hat or scarf?

Classic ladies are chic and unique and always look the part. Valentine’s Day jewellery that co-ordinates her outfit of the day would be just up her street. A pearl necklace would look great over a plain top or dress and your classic lady will love you for it.

Bohemian ladies appreciate the bounty of this beautiful world in which we live. Eclectic and individual in style, you might think choosing Valentine jewellery is rather tricky. But not so! More than any of the other lady types, this one will appreciate the lengths you’ve gone to in choosing her a gift. Opt for natural gemstones – she’ll appreciate their healing properties as much as the jewellery design itself.

Of course, a woman’s style can change like the wind – it’s a woman’s prerogative! So make sure you plump for something that grabs you and makes you smile when you think of how happy she’ll be on opening your gift.

So you see. February 14th doesn’t have to involve cutesy cards, overpriced chocolate and wilting roses. And jewellery for Valentines Day doesn’t have to mean shoddy charm bracelets and outdated diamonds. Choose something you can picture her wearing, but don’t always settle on the safe choice; sometimes ladies just need a gentle push in a different style direction. As they say, change is as good as a rest!

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