Tips For Buying Second Hand Jewellery

Second hand shops are now flooding our high-streets and jewellery features in many of them. Buying second hand jewellery is a great way of saving money along with choosing jewellery from different eras. Here are some top tips when buying second hand jewellery.

Cost and Value for Money

Buying jewellery from a second hand dealer offers so much more value for money. The vast range of jewellery available gives you so much more choice for your money. A diamond ring from a second hand dealer will save money and you will have the choice of a selection of eras and the jeweller will know the history of the ring. Without a doubt, second hand jewellery is great value for money. From a budgeting perspective, you will be able to take your budget to a second hand dealer and he will help you to find your perfect piece.

Has the Jewellery Been Restored

Usually, the jewellery has been restored. More people are selling jewellery in these tough economic times and the market for second hand items is vast. Second hand dealers are subject to trading standards just like any other retailer and jewellery is restored for reselling purposes. Always ask about restoration of jewellery on offer and what restorations have been made to the pieces you’re interested in.

History and Your Jewellery

What better way than buying a diamond ring which has an interesting history than a second hand one. A purchase of something so special, with an interesting story behind it, to hand down to future generations is a lovely gesture. Jewellery is beset by doomed love affairs and broken hearts. There is always a story behind jewellery and you’ll never get this aspect from a high-street retailer and brand new jewellery.

Guarantees and After Sales Care

Guarantees and after sales care are still in place from a second hand dealer. You’re dealing with an individual and many family owned businesses. It is no secret that large retailers treat customers as a number. With a second hand dealer, flaws in the jewellery are highlighted, any repairs which have been carried out will be pointed out and you will have a person whose knowledge comes from experience and usually many years in the trade. You really know what you’re buying and where it has come from.

Private Seller or Jeweller

With today’s available online shopping facilities, your choice is vast and somewhat daunting. Diamond rings are available widely on a private basis and there are certain steps you can take to ensure your transaction runs smoothly. There are also areas which you may not be aware of, such as the history of the ring or other pieces of jewellery and this leaves you open to difficulties, such as authencity. A jeweller will have ensured the pieces they are selling are not stolen and the jewellery will have been examined for authenticity purposes. There is always recourse with a jeweller, not so much with a private seller. Any certificates for authencity will be provided and gives the resassurance you have purchased exactly you have seen on the tin.

Diamond rings are one of the major purchases a woman will want to spend time on and buying from a specialised second hand jeweller, will bring a much more personal touch to your ring. Jewellers are passionate and knowledgebale about the items they sell and the history of your choice can be handed down to future generations.

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Ross Davies has bought second hand jewellery for his wife on many occasions at DeBretts Online Jewellery. Buying second hand has never meant settling for second best.

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