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An engagement ring is a sign of betrothal that you have the intention of getting married to your partner. Traditionally this is worn by the female of the relationship, but it is getting increasingly more popular now days for men to also wear an engagement ring as well. The custom has been around for quite some time of showing intent to marry through wearing a ring and is apparent in many cultures and countries all around the world. Traditionally the engagement ring is worn on the same finger as you would wear your wedding ring which is the left hand ring finger, the finger next to your little finger. There are many different theories as to why this finger is used, but a lot of it is merely speculation and is not factual. It was customary for a man to choose a ring and surprise his potential bride by showing her the ring before he asked her to marry him. Now days it is a lot more popular for the question to be asked and then a ring bought, this way the bride can make sure she gets something that she likes!

What is the difference?

Traditionally a women’s engagement ring is made up of precious metal and also precious or semi precious stones as well. One of the most popular stones to use in an engagement ring is diamonds and these can be very ornate as well as quite expensive as well. The value all depends on the amount of stones in the ring along with the size of the ring and the precious metal used. Some of the most popular materials used in an engagement ring are as follows;

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Titanium
  • Palladium Diamonds

A man’s engagement ring tends to be less ornate that a woman’s and most of the time it will not have any precious stones, or if it does they are a lot smaller and fewer of them. The meaning of the rings is exactly the same though and whatever the design and cost of them, they show the intent to marry your betrothed. In some countries, it is more popular for the man to have an engagement ring and this can in turn act as the wedding band when the pair gets married. There are many different styles available and a lot of it comes down to personal choice and also budget as to what ring is chosen. You do tend to find that as men’s rings are less ornate and have fewer precious materials that they are cheaper than a woman’s engagement ring. This gives the groom more money to spend on his future bride’s engagement ring!

Doing away with tradition

Although engagement rings and wedding rings are still very popular, we have gone away somewhat from the traditions of the past. As mentioned it is now much more popular for men to have an engagement ring as well as women which have given the jewelers a different market for them to cater for. The majority of couples now days, will discuss marriage before getting engaged and they will both go together to choose the rings, rather than the man surprising his partner with one when asking the question. It is actually increasingly more popular for women to even ask the question to their partner and is also a tradition within Great Britain that a female can ask her partner to marry her on a leap year, usually on the 29th of February. The supposed tradition that a man must spend two or three times his monthly salary on an engagement ring is a bit of a fallacy. This was started by Tiffany’s in the 1940’s to try and boost sales in rings to men going off to fight in the Second World War. This story has stuck for quite some time, but it is not often stuck to now days. Couples tend to be a lot more practical now days and do not over spend on rings as once was the fashion to do so. People are more inter4ested in making sure they have money to have a lavish wedding celebration and also that they have a house which is fully furnished. You do find some people may buy the rings and not have a formal celebration or ceremony, happy to show their commitment to one another through the rings that they wear. Whatever you decide to do, there is a world of choice out there available to you with plenty to offer all tastes and budgets.

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