Getting A Diamond Engagement Ring As An Anniversary Present

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If it is coming up to your anniversary and it is a significant milestone, why not really surprise that special person in your life by getting them a new diamond engagement ring? This can be a great way to surprise your wife and show her how much she truly means to you. If this does not get you in the good books then there is nothing left that can help you! You will have to do a bit of planning and may need to engage the help of some of her friends to help assist you with getting the details. It can be done quite easily though with a bit of patience and planning, along with a bit of opportunism thrown in. With a bit of effort, you can make the day really special and make your wife feel the happiest woman alive and very much appreciated.

The Size

Let’s be honest, most of us do not know our spouses ring size at all, in fact a lot of us don’t even know our own ring sizes! But if we are going to make this s surprise and you want it to be perfect, you will need to find a way to find this information out so that you can get the ring to fit your wife’s finger. There are a few ways you can do this.

  • Ask her friends and family of they know and keep it a secret
  • Take it to be cleaned and speak to the jeweller
  • Get a friend or family member to help you find out

Asking her friends and family if they know the ring size is a possible way of finding out the information you are going to need. However, this may also be one way that the surprise gets ruined as somebody talked when they shouldn’t of. Keeping it discreet will help, so you don’t want to be sending messages asking the question on Facebook or twitter! Next time you walk by a jewellers pop in to get your ring cleaned and suggest your wife do the same, then call the jeweller and ask him to measure it at the same time. You can even speak to the jeweller beforehand and arrange this to find out her ring size. If there is a friend or family member that you know will not let it slip, you can possibly engage them to find out for you. It would be a lot less conspicuous as well.

Choosing the Ring

Now you know the size you can decide on the type of ring to buy. You can buy an off the shelf diamond engagement ring, or you can even have a custom ring made out of your chosen materials. You may wish to use White Gold, Titanium or even Platinum and then have polished Diamonds set into the ring. You will also need to choose the type of cut if you are looking at for a custom ring. There are many different types such as the Heart, Oval and Pear. The different designs of cut reflect light in different ways which makes each diamond unique. Any reputable jewellery smith will be able to advice you as to what is best within your available budget. If you would rather get one off the shelf then you will have lots of choice to choose from with all the different designs and configurations of various precious metals and stones. Once you have chosen on a design which you know your wife will be delighted with, you can get them to alter it to the required ring size, making sure it fits perfectly the first time she puts it on her finger.

Launching the surprise

No matter where and when you decide to do this you are going to be sure to make an impression on your wife. You may wish to get down on bended knee and propose again opening the box and offering her the ring. You can do this alone in the house when you have a romantic meal, at a party or even in a fancy restaurant. No matter where you do it, as soon as she sees that diamond engagement ring she will know that you love her, and this will make her happy!

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