Types Of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance, although contrary to popular belief, is just as important as any other type of insurance. Designed to protect you should any miss-happenings occur whilst you’re holidaying, failure to be covered could result in you owing thousands of pounds, being stranded in a foreign county or being stranded at a UK airport without a flight.

There are many different types of travel insurance policies available to all different kinds of people for a whole host of different types of holidays and travelling.

General/Non-specific policies

Travel insurance policies that are intended for general holidaying purposes can cover basic holiday insurances such as protection from a loss of luggage or from an act of terror at your holidaying destination.

However some policies can be extended to include advanced features i.e. to cover you in the event of your airline going bust or you wish to cancel your holiday due to a death or emergency in the family.

General types of travel cover will be adequate for most people going on conventional-type holidays but for those who are going on more adventurous travels there are a multitude of travel insurance policies available.

Backpackers insurance

Also known as ‘long-stay’ or ‘gap year’ insurance, this policy type can cover you worldwide for between 3 to 18 months. If you’re going backpacking, this is more than likely your best bet for protection as annual/multi-trip policies can impose restrictions on the length of each individual which can limit your travels.

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Adventure travel insurance

If you’re planning on going on a white water rafting holiday, then this is the right insurance type to protect you. As these holiday types are full of risks, the price will of course be reflected in your premium. Though the price of the cover may make you think twice as to whether you need insurance, the price is much cheaper than having to fork out for an unplanned occurrence. An air ambulance from the East coast of America can cost £45,000.

Business travel insurance

This insurance type is for those who travel abroad on business. Though some standard policies may include business travel, there are often restrictions- especially for manual labour. You may find that there are better policies that are more suited to your needs when you look at specialist business travel insurers. Some business travel insurance policies will even include the option to bring your golf clubs.

This is not an exhaustive list of the travel insurance policies on the market today, there are others including: older travellers, disaster cover, winter sports and family travel insurance policies.

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