Surprising Ways to Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance

In this economy, with costs rising every day, we need to take discounts where we can get them, especially living in Hawaii. Everything costs a little extra here than it does on the mainland because companies want to make up their shipping costs. While you may not be able to do anything about the cost of gas, you can make improvements to your home that could lower your insurance premiums (not to mention increase your home value). Something as simple as getting professional roof repair before major storms could make a difference in how much you are spending to insure your home.


Surrounded By Water, Now What?

Unfortunately for those of us who own property in Hawaii, insurance is not cheap. The climate of the insurance industry has changed over the last several years in light of some major natural disasters. Being in areas that are prone to this type of weather, you may find it difficult to even get homeowner’s insurance, and when you do, your premiums are through the roof. This is why we need to save money where we can.

How’s Your Roof?

One of the best ways to lower your premium is by making repairs that will strengthen your home’s chances against any natural disaster. Something as easy as getting a roof repair or getting a new roof installed could make a big impact—up to 20 percent off, according to a State Farm representative. If the roof has not had a facelift in 20 plus years, it is time to replace it, you may not even realize how much more you are paying for insurance because you have an old roof that would likely sustain damage should a storm with high winds pass through.

How’s the Plumbing?

Just as insurance companies want to see that your home will put up the best fight against a natural disaster; the same is true of household accidents such as flooding and mold. Your plumbing should not go 25 years without having problems resolved, and part or all of the system replaced. If there is water damage, that increases the likelihood of developing mold in your home and that can be very expensive for the insurance company to fix, which is why the better your plumbing the more of a discount they will be willing to give you.

Knowing how you can save money here and there will make a tough economical time a little easier for homeowners. Simple repairs could result in hundreds of dollars saved—it is an investment that you won’t regret.

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