Is Facebook Bringing You Unwelcome Visitors?

Largely due to the digital revolution, the world is moving fast and forward in every direction possible. And those who believe that the criminal fraternity is being left behind would also, sadly, be mistaken.  The cyber criminals of today are constantly lurking online looking for any kind of chink in a person’s security armour for them to rush through.

Most people are well aware now of the risks of transferring personal information online. When making any kind of transaction, which is meant that the instances of this form of fraud has decreased dramatically over the last few years. However, that doesn’t mean that the cyber criminals have given up, simply moved on to what must appear to them as richer pastures. The social media framework.

What does this means for your insurance policies?

Insurance experts are now convinced that the massive transfer of information going on a daily basis to such social media websites as Twitter and Facebook is being slowly sifted through for nuggets of information. Information that is being used by criminals to steal from the un-expecting and naive.

Research has shown that more than half of Facebook members regularly discuss with “friends” details of holiday plans, even if it is for a long weekend. This is all that criminals need to be more or less certain that the family home will be left unattended and will be ready for the taking.

The entire Facebook phenomena has many problems as far as security is concerned, with the latest problematic situation being that many members have accepted someone as a friend, without giving too much thought. These “so-called” friends may well be members of the criminal fraternity scouring the internet looking for possible targets for robbery. There are even suspicions that there are groups whose role in the criminal chain is to provide this information to the actual break-in artists for a flat fee or a share of the profits.

According to sources in the UK criminal underworld cyber information gatherers know exactly who to look for when on the search for potential robbery targets. They may be inclined to pick out younger people who gather up hundreds of friends and may not notice someone that they don’t know joining the list. These younger people enjoy chatting to friends, sometimes for hours and can be a rich source providing details such as family holidays, someone in hospital or any kind of details of something that could possibly being left unattended, preferably with a location and for how long

This kind of innocent behaviour, while understandable is being increasingly frowned upon by the insurance companies, who are becoming increasingly concerned about how much this loss cyber chat may be causing an increase in property theft, especially burglary.

What can you do about it?

The public are becoming increasingly aware of this problem and many Facebook members now take their personal details from their main page and insist on holding chats privately, and only with people they are well acquainted. Parents should take the time to explain to their teenage children that careless talk online has dangers of its own.

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