Insurances Every Avid Traveler Should Have

If travel is a large part of your lifestyle, chances are you’ve learned many tips and tricks along the way. One thing even the avid traveler often forgets about is insurance. Whether you’re interested in trying to insure your flight or a car rental— there are three types of insurance every traveler should have.

Travelers Insurance
Although it’s rarely needed, the cost of travelers insurance is well worth the potential coverage. The spectrum of things that travelers insurance covers extends far and wide. You might ask why you would need to cover everything. You don’t— several companies are able to cover things specific to your trip by offering a variety of plans to choose from. Some examples of what travelers insurance covers are flights, trip cancellations (which include things like tours, cruises, hotels, and more), medical expenses, evacuation, and delays or losses. None of us know what might happen around the time we’re supposed to go on vacation, or when we’re on vacation. Things do happen though— people get sick, wallets and passports get stolen, and natural disasters sometimes occur. Although none of us like to think about worst case scenarios, it’s nice to know you don’t have to consider a trip a total loss or rack up major expenses if something does go wrong.


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Car Rental Insurance
If you end up needing a car rental, always get the insurance- it can come in handy. Car rental insurance can cover things like loss or damage, personal property, or accidental death. If you don’t have your own car insurance, obtaining car rental insurance can be extremely important to cover everything and not have it come out of your own pocket— even if it’s just in case.

Homeowners Insurance
Many of us have never considered how having homeowners insurance can benefit our travel. If a policy includes off-premises protection, you’re covered for personal property taken on your vacation. For example, if your debit or credit card, luggage, or any personal items or stolen— the loss can be covered by your homeowners insurance. If you have it, check to see if you have off-premises protection. If you don’t, homeowners insurance might be worth getting for more than just travel.

Travel can be an incredible and enriching part of our life. Protecting yourself from the rare and random negative occurrences can help to make it an even better by giving you a little peace of mind, especially for the avid traveler.


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