How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance

If you are going abroad then you will need travel insurance. No matter how safe, sound or wealthy you believe yourself to be, unexpected charges in the form of a missed flight, lost luggage or physical injury are highly unpleasant experiences. Travel insurance is a cheap way to keep yourself and your finances safe whilst you are abroad. Today we are going to give some helpful hints and tips on how to choose your travel insurance.

1.)   Assess your risk levels – honestly!

Before you choose your travel insurance, it is important to know what you are risking on your travels so that you can narrow down your search to find the insurance that is best for your needs. Most holiday types will have a group of providers whom specialize in that area of danger, and so will be more competitive in the prices that they offer you for travel insurance. If you are going on an adventure holiday, you will need to be covered mainly for health, if you are going on a business trip, then your intellectual property, electronics and flight times are very important and if you are going for a traditional family holiday where the biggest danger is posed by the type of sand you will be walking on, then less comprehensive insurance is needed (unless you are beaching in a danger zone where there are high sickness levels).  Be honest with yourself when you are deciphering what risks you face, as this will get you the insurance that will actually cover you. As painful as it is to pay a little extra for a special requirement, it is even more painful to buy insurance that is useless when you need it, simply because you couldn’t bear to pay an extra £10 to cover your flights.

2.)   Try to go direct or via your travel provider

Price comparison sites are really good at finding you the cheapest offer, but what they do not do is assess everything that is available to you. Often, the best insurance for your trip is the one that is recommended by the company who is servicing your trip and will have been recommended after years of dealing with problems and issues that have been raised by travelers over time.

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3.)   Check what’s included…before the checkout

A lot of insurance providers use a marketing strategy of offering a very good price, and adding the important and essential parts of the insurance policy right at the end as “optional extras”. Tired customers, who have been through a lengthy process to find travel insurance that suits their needs are, by that stage, too exhausted to start again and give in at the last hurdle and in doing so, end up paying way more than they had to because of these last minute “add ons” which, more often than not, come as a standard part of an alternative option. If you are buying your travel insurance online, a good way to check for this is to speed through the process as a practice run to find out what is included at the beginning and what is included at the end to make sure the price that is being quoted is the actual price of the insurance you need and the insurance that you end up paying for.

Ben loves to travel and he is a Guernsey travel insurance expert. He often shares his knowledge of insurance and travel on blogs.

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