Car Insurance Premiums Add-Ons Explained

Making sure that you have the right type of insurance for your vehicle is imperative. It’s no use looking for the cheapest quote and finding that you have don’t have the benefits you had the previous year. For this reason it’s worth taking a look at any insurance quote carefully before you choose a new policy. Some of the things to look out for when you go compare car insurance include:

No claims protection
If you have a number of years no claims discount it can really reduce the amount you pay for your insurance premium. So it makes sense to protect your no claims discount in case you have an accident. Most insurance companies will give you in the region of 65% discount if you have maximum no claims, so it makes sense to protect this. It does cost you a little more to protect your discount but it’s worth it in the long run.

Legal protection
Legal protection can be a worthwhile addition to your car insurance policy, as it gives you the safety net of knowing that if your car is involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault you will have cover to help with the legal costs of pursuing a case against the driver responsible. Most legal protection polices will pay in the region of around £100,000 to a solicitor acting on your behalf.

Breakdown cover
It’s often much cheaper to take out breakdown cover in conjunction with your car insurance than buying direct with the breakdown cover provider. There’s also the possibility that various insurance companies may offer breakdown insurance for free or at a significant discount if you take out car insurance with them.

European protection
If you are planning to drive your car abroad, it might be worth looking out for a policy which includes driving in Europe as standard. If this is not possible add the cover to your policy when getting a quote and see how much extra you’ll pay.

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Courtesy car
It’s always worth looking at how much extra adding a courtesy car to your policy will cost. This is especially important for those people who use their car for work or simply cannot function without access to a vehicle. Some insurers will offer this as standard whilst some will charge an extra premium. It’s worth looking at the various quotes you get when you go compare insurance to see if you get this for free.

When you are comparing car insurance quotes it’s worth spending some time looking at all the above premium add-ons to see if they will be of benefit to you before choosing a specific policy.

Daniel Sandthorn is a car insurance specialist who advocates comparison websites when looking for the best deals on Cheap Car Insurance

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