Are Water Damage Scams on the Rise?

Scamming has been a major problem in most industries and it seems that scam artists are becoming smarter every year. While scamming is an inherently horrible act, the level of skill and charisma required to pull off scams is not possessed by everyone. Due to the increase in natural disasters causing excessive flooding, scam artists are increasingly targeting the water restoration industry as a means to extort money from their victims.

Why The Water Restoration Industry?

The reason scam artists are targeting the water restoration industry is because of the urgent nature of fixing water damage. Customers affected by water damage typically want to utilise a water restoration service as quickly as possible and in doing so, they take little notice of the legitimacy of the service providers. This makes it fairly easy for scammers to penetrate this line of work and pick off gullible residents to persuade them into believing that the scam is a legitimate service. Scammers typically have exceptional acting skills and can cleverly manipulate any situation to pull off a scam.

For water damage scams on houses, these scammers efficiently pick up on which residents require water restoration services and then give an estimated repair fee to the residents. The victims are then persuaded into putting a down payment in exchange for the services the scammers will provide at a later date. Of course these services aren’t actually provided and the scammers flee with the money extorted from their unfortunate victims.


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Another typical water damage scam is related to mobile phone insurance. The purpose of mobile phone insurance is to have the customer covered in the case of theft or damage; however, there have been several instances where mobile phone insurance scams have occurred. The concept behind this scam is that water damage isn’t actually covered by mobile phone insurance, so when a customer takes their phone in for repair they are told that the repair costs aren’t covered by the insurance because their phone has a red dot. This is determined through a diagnostic test, but the fact of the matter is that the test is sensitive to even the slightest bit of moisture so the result isn’t always necessarily accurate.

In recent times, most cases of water damage scams in the mobile phone industry are a simple case of companies hiding behind their warranty exclusions to avoid paying for repair costs. Not only is it extorting money from their loyal customers for repair costs that should have been covered in the warranty, but it also forces customers to purchase a new mobile phone from the same company if they are on a contract. Mobile phone insurance is in place for customers to be covered in the case of losing their phone or damaging it, but it is disappointing to see insurance companies take advantage of their customers and not provide the repair costs covered by the warranty.

There is no doubt that the water restoration industry has seen an increase in water damage scams in recent years, and it is only going to continue increasing as long as customers continue to fall victim to one of these scam artists. The only way to completely eradicate scammers in the water restoration industry is to inform and educate residents on how to keep themselves safe from water damage scams.

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