Woodworking Tools And What They’re Used For

Table Saw:
These are the most used and one of the most versatile tool and no workshop should be without one. The table machine is the one tool that will be used on almost every piece, so it needs to be of high quality. A table saw can be used to join, shape, rip and square pieces – along with other things – so the addition of a table saw to a workshop will make the completion of nearly every piece much easier.

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Band Saw:
This is not just a saw of precision – although that is its main purpose – it can be used to perform the cuts that are usually done on a table saw. If you want a precise curve then this is the tool you need. However, there isn’t just one band saw; there are two main types, so how do you know which one you need? There are floor standing models or smaller ones that can be mounted on to the end of a work bench. Cabinet, or floor standing, models are intended for professional workshop use whereas the bench top models would be best for a woodworker who’s based at home.

Drill Press:
A drill press can be used as much more than a drill, although it can, of course be used for that purpose. As well as drilling, you can also attach a mortising attachment to the drill press to enable it to drill square holes, other than this it could be used as a sander. When it comes to drilling though, a drill press is a better choice than a standard hand drill as it offers more precision and has the ability to drill holes of a larger diameter.

Radial Arm Saws:
Although the table saw is considered the king of tools in a woodworking workshop, the radial arm saw offers more versatility.  A radial arm saw can do so much that you’ll wonder how you ever worked without one. Many woodworkers favour other tools over the radial arm saw due to the cost and the fact that it is not typically portable. If they are present in a workshop the likelihood is that it’s a large one, where it doesn’t matter how big the tools are. Although this is a tool that’s shunned, when people realise its capabilities they can’t work without one.

The main purpose of a jointer is to make a flat surface on the edge of any surface. A jointer makes the perfect pairing to a table saw, as a table saw is unable to do its job properly until the jointer has created a flat edge.

This article was written by woodworker Colin Grey, who purchases his woodworking machinery from www.woodworkmachinery.co.uk.

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