Why Rugs Are Better Than Carpets?

Nowadays people have changed their opinions on carpeted flooring. This has happened since laminate flooring has come on the scene. They have realised how it is much more modern and easy to use than carpet. There are many other reasons for this opinion and it is one that a lot of people share.

With new cleaning materials and equipment being introduced, people always want to find ways to clean quickly and effectively. People lead busy lives so the quicker the house cleaning can be done, the sooner they can get on with other things in their life. They are also becoming more aware that a clean house can reduce the risk of colds, meaning that they are able to still go to work and keep going.

It has been known that a carpet that has been down for five years can be a lot heavier than when it was first bought due to all the ground in dirt and dust – it doesn’t matter how many times it is hovered. This is why people – especially those with small children – prefer to have laminated flooring which can be hoovered and then mopped with bleach to kill any germs. This allows young children to play on the floor without them having to breathe in any of the nasty germs and dust that can cause illnesses for them as their immune system isn’t quite as strong as an older child’s yet.

However, having the whole house laminated can make the house cold and uninviting. This can be solved by buying a rug for the centre of each room. These are usually referred to as area rugs.

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For those who like to move the furniture around in each rooms the area rug can easily be moved and changed for a new one to go with the surrounding furniture and decoration. It is much easier to replace a rug than it is a carpet as carpets are usually nailed or glued down which can prove a lot of work to remove. This is one of the reasons for not replacing carpets as often. By replacing the rug often it will reduce the build-up of any dust and dirt.

Rugs come in all types of styles from traditional to modern rugs. They also have many different textures, colours, patterns and prints to go with every style required.

Overall, rugs are ideal for any house as they can be cheaper than carpet, they are easy to clean and maintain and can be bought in a very wide range.

This article was written by Stephanie Bridges, a home designer who prefers to use www.therugseller.co.uk when buying modern rugs.

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