Why Is Lighting In A Bedroom So Important?

Bedrooms – as with many other rooms – benefit from different types of lighting. No room looks good with just an overhead light or just a wall light or even a single lamp. Lighting is not just used for the obvious reason, to light up a dark space; it’s also used as a technique to frame certain areas, pictures or belongings. Lights can be used to bring warmth to a room or completely illuminate it in the dark.

There are many different types of lighting and what’s best for your room is completely down to you. However, you may wish to get some advice if you want your lights for a particular purpose of if you have an unusually small or large room. Overhead lighting is fixed to the ceiling and is a feature of most bedrooms. Sometimes they’re fixed flush to the ceiling – in this instance, very often, you will see a bowl style shade, or spotlights – or the fixture can be left to hang down, giving the chance of a chandelier shade or something similar. The hanging fixture offers much more versatility in a bedroom, and dangly shades and chandeliers look particularly beautiful. These types of lights offer a great decorative element along with a glow around the room. Although this type of light can look beautiful, a single overhead light is not enough to properly light your room.

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Table lamps are another great form of light and they’re particularly good for providing task lighting. In a bedroom you should consider placing a lamp on each of the bedside tables; if you don’t have bedside tables you can get lamps that can be fixed to the wall. If you like things to be perfect then the symmetrical look is probably for you so it should be pretty easy to get your hands on two matching lamps. If you have a bit more of a free for all attitude though you should think about having two different lamps for that striking look.

Lamps don’t have the sole purpose of task lighting, depending on the size of you room you may wish to add another just to brighten the space up. A great place for a lamp is either on or just next to your dressing table, this way you get direct light when doing your hair or make-up in a morning but you won’t get into trouble for waking people because the light’s too bright.

If you don’t have a lot of space but you could really do with some direct light when you’re in bed you could consider sconces. They do the same job as a lamp but they don’t need a bedside table to sit on. Sconces are lights that are fixed to the wall; if you choose to go for this lamp alternative you should be sure to place them high enough so that you don’t hit your head but low enough to experience the benefit of the lights.

This article was written by John Brassington who works for a manufacturer of modular lighting instruments. The article was written on behalf of www.pricebreaker.eu.

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