Why English Country Houses Are Perfect For Photo Shoots

Everyone loves a Christmas catalogue with all the latest interior design ideas that will help make your home look beautiful during the Christmas period. Or how about the latest Autumn/Winter collection of your favourite fashion brands? Either way, country homes are the perfect location for photo shoots such as these, so put your winter socks on, light that fire and check out why below.

Idyllic setting

Most country homes have acres of beautiful English countryside surrounding the property. This makes them an ideal setting for a catalogue shoot. Models can wander through the gardens in their winter wellies, showing off the warm colours and textures of the clothes they are advertising. They can pull up the long, sweeping driveway in an old fashioned car to give the photographer some great shots, while small potting sheds and stables are a bonus for photographers as they want to find as many backdrops as they can.

Warm country fires

If an interior designer needs to show off a product, what better way to do it than next to a cosy, warm fire? Catalogue shoots usually involve close up shots of cushions, fabrics or furnishings and an open fire really gives the photos that distinctive winter feel. The key is to make the lifestyle look appealing and few things achieve this better than a roaring fire in winter.

Rustic charm

Everyone loves to recreate a rustic feel in their home. Most interior catalogues and winter fashion shoots include some exposed brick, painted floorboards and woodlands. These features are perfect for photo shoots as they give the photographer some variety and different textures to work with. Sheds and orangeries are also ideal backdrops, but anything with rustic charm is great for creating sense of style.


Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dannyfowler/5288010073/


Every country home comes with an abundance of props to play around with. Photographers love to have ready-made locations with enough props to shoot with. Old bicycles, bunting and baskets really do add to the location and can provide the perfect shot for the photographer. The family dog could end up being the star of the shoot. Old bookshelves, pictures and ceramics can be a bonus too.

So why not try a country house for your next photo shoot. Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to own a beautiful country home, then why not get in touch with a location agency to market your property? Maybe one day you will see your little potting shed in a magazine.

Kim Medlycott is an amateur photographer writing on behalf of www.focus-locations.co.uk

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