Why Choose A Wooden Floor?

There are so many different kinds of wood floors available but it doesn’t matter what style you choose they all have a few things in common; they’re affordable, popular, fashionable and practical. A lot of people have begun ripping up their carpets and putting down a wooden floor or even a mock wooden floor as a cheaper but realistic alternative; some are even ripping up their carpets and unveiling the wooden floor underneath.
So why would you choose wooden flooring over carpet?
Wood flooring brings a natural beauty and traditional look to your home along with making it feel warmer – especially if you use a dark wood. Wood flooring doesn’t get destroyed by general wear and tear unlike other flooring materials such as carpet and tiles. Wooden floors can also last a lifetime with little to no maintenance; any maintenance that is required is usually pretty cheap and easy such as re-varnishing, and most of the time can be done by the owner.
There is so much choice when it comes to wood floors and there are so many different styles that it’s hard to make a final decision; but don’t worry, there is so much variety that there’s flooring that’s suitable for every room of your house.
Another great benefit of wooden flooring is the fact that it’s so easy to clean compared to a carpet. There’s no need for constant hovering to keep it looking fresh, just a little sweep every now and then should do the trick. Wooden floor are also great for spillages, instead of being left with unsightly stains you can mop any accidental spill up with a cloth and it won’t ruin your flooring.

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If you’re looking specifically in investing in a hard wood floor then you must be aware that there are several species meaning that, depending on what you choose, there will be several different finishes. The different varieties of hardwood provide different colours and grain directions; some hardwood may also have knots and/ or black or grey marks on it. If you are definite about having a hard wood floor then all of these characteristics will add to its character. These kinds of imperfections appear on hard wood purely because of the way it was grown and the climate and soil that the tree was exposed to.
The wood that makes a hard wood floor is graded according to the colour variation, knots and the grain in each piece. There are three grades numbered from one to three – grade one being the most expensive.
Grade one floors will be clear and each plank will be of a similar colour, there will be few or no knots in each piece and the lines of the wood should be straight and clean.
Grade two floors have a slight variation in colour and each plank will be slightly different to the ones next to it. The grain is much more visible – adding character – and knots and wormholes will be more common.
Grade three flooring could be described as rustic and full of character; there is a large variation in colour between the planks of wood and there will be large knots along with other natural marks.
What type of jobs will wood flooring services companies carry out?
The main job that these companies perform is floor installations, although they will also carry out board replacement, refinishing, floor repair and floor staining.

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