When The In-Laws Visit

Surviving a visit from your in-laws doesn’t have to be as stressful as you might imagine. If it is the first time that they are visiting your new home there are a few things you can do to help make the visit as accommodating as possible for all parties involved.

Start Off with Comfort

To begin with if they are making an international trip you want to roll out the red carpet to the best of your capabilities. If you would like to earn some bonus points then make sure you pick them up from the Airport, you don’t have to roll up in a Mercedes but make sure you have fuel and the car is unlikely to breakdown. It will also help give you the choice of riding along with your in-laws or waiting patiently there at your home for their grand arrival. Giving them the private moment on the ride over can allow them a little bit of special time to collect their thoughts after a long flight.

Be Prepared by Cleaning Early

When they arrive be sure that you have taken all of the adequate steps to thoroughly clean your home. This isn’t the same sort of cleaning that you do on a typical weekend. You want to go through every inch of your house and be sure that everything is in place. The last thing your in-laws need to find is a pair of underwear that somehow got crammed down in the cushions of your sofa.

Be sure to do this cleaning the day before so that you give all of the cleaning supplies plenty of time to settle. You want to be mindful of any allergies. You don’t want your house smelling like a giant bottle of bleach when they arrive.


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Show Off Local Flavour

Considering that your in-laws are visiting from out of the country, you get the wonderful opportunity to really show off some of your favourite things. Suddenly even the smallest detail of your life takes on an entire new story to somebody that is a foreigner.

Don’t forget to fill the guest room with plenty of local flavour. Set out some different magazines and newspapers and add some floral arrangements to the room. You don’t need to go too heavily on these things or you begin to look like a hotel. You do however want to make sure they aren’t stuck to their own resources when you and your spouse need to step away to take care of anything that demands your attention.

Don’t Detail Everything

After you have shown them their room and offered them a moment to freshen up before sure to offer them something to eat and drink. After a long flight you can guarantee that they could use some sort of refreshment. Once they get a little settled you can then offer the grand tour.

You don’t need to show off every little detail of your home. The purpose of the tour is to acquaint them with their surroundings and help them feel more at home. It’s not the time to rehash the story behind each of your accolades on the mantle.

Listen to their Expectations

Above and beyond everything else, take the time to listen to your in-laws. Ask them if there were specific things they wanted to see and do while they are in the area. You may be surprised to learn that they really just want to spend time with you and your spouse.

It’s best not to have a heavily planned itinerary waiting for them when they step out of the car. Instead keep things flexible as creating memories isn’t about what you’re doing; it’s about who you’re doing it with.

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