What Makes a Happy Home Owner

More and more homeowners are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the changes going on at their residences.  Some homeowners feel that their property managers don’t take their needs and desires into account when making alterations.  As a result, many property management companies are finding ways to keep homeowners satisfied by building strong relationships with association boards.  Below is an interview that was done with a homeowner that is very pleased with the effort their property manager put forth in forming a lasting relationship with his homeowners association.

“I am a proud member of my condo’s homeowners association.  I have always enjoyed meeting up with my neighbors and discussing ways that we can improve the building we live in.  I am even more proud that we have a terrific property manager that cares about the people that live in the building he works so hard to maintain.  Kenny, our property manager, always goes above and beyond for each one of the people that reside in the building.

Kenny gladly attends just about every association meeting because he wants to hear what my fellow members and I have to say about the building.  He always offers his opinion and speaks in a calm, professional tone.  In a recent meeting we discussed how we were all looking for ways to cut back on our water bills, feeling the pinch of the climbing rates.  Kenny took it upon himself to research grants for water saving toilets.  He brought all the information on the toilets to our next meeting and turned the idea into a reality.  I am happy to report that every homeowner in our building has reported huge savings on our water bills.  We have Kenny to thank for this.

Kenny is proof that property management companies can care about the buildings and the people they service.  He is always in search of the best deals in equipment and is speedy in making repairs.  He truly takes pride in his job and enjoys building relationships with the people that inhabit the building he services.”

Stories like this are becoming more common because property management companies all over the states are working hard to make homeowners happy.  Many managers are taking the time to listen to the needs and desires of the homeowners and finding ways to achieve their requests.  Property managers that are willing to partner with homeowner associations are creating lasting and beneficial relationships with the homeowners they service.

Mercedes Potter is an elite writer who sometimes interviews people who can give advice to others in their same situation. In this post, she talks with a member of a HOA’s who discusses how he feels about the way his property is managed. For more information on property management companies in Arizona, follow her @CedesPotter.

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