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Carpets are an essential part of your home, but while they keep it warm on the feet, they can be a nightmare to keep clean and tidy. Sometimes when accidents happen there is no other solution but to call a professional carpet cleaner to get those tough stains out. However, at other times just maintaining your carpet properly can make the world of difference and a call-out can be avoided.

Vacuuming is the obvious thing to do and this is normally done regularly anyway. However, most people only tend to hoover what they can see when really you should vacuum everywhere. Yes, this means you will need to move furniture around.

Doing this will increase the life of your carpet because it prevents dirty particles from building up. That’s why it’s essential to hoover where you can’t see, because that is where dirt is most likely to build up over time. If left unchecked, these particles could eventually damage the carpet fibres.
Go over the same spot/area several times. Most people tend to go over a section of carpet once, but you should go over the same spot more than once to ensure your vacuum cleaner picks up as much as possible. Sometimes dust and dirt will lie deep in the carpet and so will need a little more persuasion.

Buy a decent vacuum cleaner. To save a bit of time, it’s always worth investing in a powerful vacuum cleaner. This still means going over the same spot more than once, but a good vacuum cleaner may reduce this from six times just two or three as it will pick up more than a cheap alternative.
Divide your room up into segments. In your mind, break up the room into parts. Go over a part thoroughly then move onto the next. Move furniture as you go and put it back as you move onto a new section.

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Mainly vacuum where people sit. Even while sitting down, people move their feet and will rub your carpet. Doing this can damage it and embed gritty particles. You need to give special attention to these areas – overlapping strokes with the vacuum works best.

Use soil retardants for newer carpets. A new carpet tends to have a coating which helps prevent it from absorbing dust etc. This should make it easier for your vacuum cleaner to pick up parts but after a while this coating is rubbed away. This can be reapplied using soil retardants (follow the manufacturer’s recommendations).

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