Trick or Treat: The Spookiest Doors in History

Old homes across the United States have long histories of owners claiming they are haunted. Some of these histories have become so famous that they have become modern legends. These four haunted sites were all private homes when the ghosts are said to have first appeared, and remain haunted to this day.

The Whaley House, San Diego, California

The Whaley House was built on the site where men were brought to hang in the 1800s. Thomas Whaley himself witnessed one of these hangings in 1852 before purchasing the property. Mr. Whaley was the first to report a haunting, believing it to be the man he saw hanged. At least four other ghosts have been seen at the house, including Thomas Whaley, his wife Anna, a young girl and an unknown woman with gold hoop earrings. Some have even claimed to see the ghost of Whaley’s dog.

The Grove, Jefferson, Texas

The National Register of Historic Places lists an 1861 home called the Stilley-Young House, better known to locals as The Grove. Reports of hauntings go back at least to 1882, when a man named T.C. Burks was only able to keep the property for six months before demanding his money back because it was too uncomfortable to live there. Miss Louise Young, who lived in the house from 1887 until 1983, regularly reported ghostly intruders to the police and people walking around outside that would disappear when a light was turned on. One of the ghosts seen regularly is Minerva Stilly, the original owner, who walks through a wall where a doorway used to be when she was alive.

Franklin Castle, Cleveland, Ohio

In 1881 the Tiedemann family built a second-empire gothic mansion, known today as the Franklin Castle. The Tiedemann family suffered many tragedies in the house. Mr. Tiedemann’s daughter and wife died within the home, and there are many rumors of crimes committed by Mr. Tiedemann. Unoccupied for decades, the Romano family bought the house in 1968 and the haunting reports began. There is a little girl who plays with children, but never comes downstairs, ghostly women looking out of the windows and possessions by Mrs. Tiedemann.

The White House, Washington, D.C.

The most famous address in the U.S. is also the most famous haunted house. Presidents, staff and guests all report ghostly presences and apparitions. The second First Lady, Abigail Adams, is sometimes seen in cap and shawl carrying laundry towards the East Room. Harry Truman wrote letters to his wife of listening to ghosts walk the halls. The most frequent ghost sighted is that of Abraham Lincoln. The Netherlands’ Queen Wilhelmina, First Lady Grace Coolidge and Winston Churchill all reported seeing Lincoln’s ghost during their visits.

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