Top 4 Tips to Keep the Cold Out of a Drafty Apartment

Although modern apartments are designed to keep harsh winter temperatures at bay, if an apartment is decade’s old or winterizing steps were skipped over during construction, renters will quickly experience the unpleasantry of a drafty apartment. Winterizing an apartment not only keeps heating bills low, but also helps create a warm and inviting space for friends and family.

Window Film

In most apartments, the majority of heat is lost through window glass. This not only causes a heater to overwork, but it can cause a room to become drafty and cold. Insulating window glass by applying window plastic film directly over the glass decreases air flow, which results in a significant reduction in heat loss. If an apartment features large bay or garden windows, this winterizing step is absolutely necessary to keep the apartment from feeling drafty throughout the winter months.

Stop Air Leakage

Air leakage through exterior doors causes heat to escape as well as allowing chilled outdoor air easy access throughout an apartment. If the room nearest to an outside access door is colder than other rooms in an apartment then air is mostly likely leaking through the bottommost portion of the door. Adding draft guards, or draft snakes, on exterior doors prevent air from leaking into the apartment as well as keeping heated air inside the home. Looking for a cheap way to stop door air leakage? Place a thick beach towel along the bottom portion of the door.

Use Layered Curtains

Although opening the curtains during daylight hours may help naturally heat an apartment, the long winter nights are notorious for lowering the temperature within an apartment. Applying layered curtains manufactured out of heavy fabrics prevent winter drafts from entering an apartment as well as adding style to any room. Layered curtains are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and thickness levels. Can’t afford professional-quality curtains? Use thick sheets attached to a curtain rod for similar results.


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Window Bubble Wrap

Winterizing an apartment is important to avoid high utility bills; however, living on a budget may severely limit winterizing capabilities. As stated earlier, windows are the primary cause for drafty apartments, and the best way to remedy this situation is to apply window insulating film; however, if this method is out of budget a more cost-effective option may be ideal.

Instead of installing film insulation, apply a layer of standard bubble wrap directly to the interior side of windows. Although this is not the most attractive method, the air within each bubble works to stop incoming drafts. Secure the bubble wrap with electrical tape.

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