Tips To Cleaning A Barbecue Grill

Barbecue grills are not just items used for outdoor entertainment. They should be considered an investment that will last very long within the family. With that said, just like any other investment, proper maintenance is required to make sure the grill works perfectly for an extended period of time. This article offers tips on how to properly cleaning a barbecue grill.


Things You Will Need:

1. Dish soap 2. Disposable steel wool pads 3. Dry baking soda or other appliance cleaner 4. Spray-on cooking oil 5 .Brass wire grill brush

As you can see, most of the items needed to clean your grill are readily available in your home. They are also inexpensive and getting the job done won’t cost you much.

The secret to effectively cleaning barbecue grills lies in preventing food buildup. Using the brass wire grill brush, scrub off all food stuck on both the interior and exterior part of the grill. This is a task that should be carried out every time you are done cooking. Leaving food buildup not only makes cleaning a cumbersome task but will also ruin your cooking experience.

Once you clean food and other debris from the surface, let the grill cool off and use spray-on cooking oil. Cooking oil is great at preventing rust. The reason you are advised to let the grill cool down before using the spray-on cooking oil is to avoid injuries. Heat can easily ignite a fire, especially when the food buildup consists of oily particles which can lead to serious injuries not to mention damage to property.

Appliance cleaner is commonly used on stoves and refrigerators but is also be great for grills. Baking soda is a nice alternative to appliance cleaners and will leave the surface of your grill with a nice shine. Do not use steel wire on stainless steel so as to prevent scratching.

Cooking racks are used to hold food during cooking over grills. In order to get the best results, you will have to clean them thoroughly. This is where steel wire comes in handy. To make your work even easier, turn on the heat and leave the racks inside for few minutes. The high temperatures will burn off the food buildup, allowing you to effortlessly wipe them off. You should however be careful not to leave grates inside as the food will only get burned and stick on tougher.

Grates should instead be washed with dish soap after removing as much food from them as possible. You could also leave them in soapy water for a few hours before cleaning them. Steel wire is great at washing grates. All cleaning residue should be rinsed off from the grates before they are used again.

Failing to clean or properly maintain your grill will cause problems that can easily ruin your cooking experience or destroy the grill. Invest in a cover to protect your grill from the elements when it is not in use. It is advisable to store your grill away from direct sunshine and rain. This ensures it does not kink and functions perfectly for a long time.

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