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Making the right selection of wall and/or floor tiles the first time is extremely important, since a hasty, impulsive decision can prove to be enormously expensive. Selecting one’s wall tiles or floor tiles isn’t any easy undertaking. There are lots of shapes, sizes, materials and colours to select from; it can be a quite overwhelming the first time. Talking to a tiling professional should help you in making an informed decision, since the setting (room) of your tiling project will have quite an impact on the material you can use. Moreover, the shape and size of the room can help your choice of tiling style and colour range.

Most folks are simply overwhelmed with the amount of information on tile materials, and often make a misguided decision. Take your time and think logically to get the best tiles suited to your budget and taste.

Space: Space is rather important, since you and your family are going to use the space you are tiling, and this directly influences the choice of tile you should select for certain living spaces.

Floor: An example of the abovementioned space influences – if you are tiling a highly used area like a kitchen or hallway – porcelain tiles might be the best option to employ. This is because porcelain tiles are tremendously durable and completely unlike ceramic tiles, they do not absorb water or stain easily. Alternative options for high traffic areas, which will need to be cleaned frequently – are rubber tiles. However these types of tiles have been known to shrink over time, therefore they aren’t as hard wearing as the porcelain variety.


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Wall: Ceramic tiles are a popular choice when it comes to wall tiling. Ceramic tiles come in an enormous variety of colours and shapes, and suites almost any style and pocket. Even though ceramic tiles aren’t as durable and strong as porcelain tiles, they are very well suited as a wall covering in a kitchen or a bathroom. Advances in tile cutting technology means that there now is a much larger variety of ceramic tiles available on the market.

At the end of the day, Tiles are expensive and therefore it’s always worthwhile to speak to a professional before you start on your tile project. Try to visit numerous tile stores to get guidance on what type of tiles to use in which areas. Also take advantage of the tile displays, so as to get an idea of what you like and dislike. When compiling the budget, it is also very important to consider the installation costs.

If you’re considering updating your bathroom, kitchen or floor – tiles are an efficient and affordable way to completely transform a room’s atmosphere.


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