Three Things Your Door Might Not be Keeping Out

Your door’s purpose is to serve as a primary barrier for your home. It keeps out all manner of unwelcome things and helps to ensure the safety of you, your family and your possessions. Unfortunately, doors can fail to deter some things, especially if proper maintenance has been lacking. Here are three things your door might not keep out.


Even the tiniest gaps allow entrance to a variety of common pests. One is the notorious cockroach. Although they’re not much of a disease risk, nobody likes seeing them scurrying across the kitchen counter. They’re attracted to food and warmth, things which your home features in abundance, and they will actively seek any entrance possible. Mice are another pest that doors might fail to keep out and they are a serious disease hazard. A mouse only needs one-quarter inch of clearance to squeeze through, so a small gap between your door and jamb is an easy passage. Even spiders will take advantage of the situation to prey on other bugs that have gotten into your house. In some locales, this includes dangerous spiders like black widows and brown recluses. In addition, crickets, while they’re not a threat to health at all, are noisy and may keep your home’s occupants from sleeping soundly.

There have also been numerous cases of homeowners finding snakes, tarantulas, lizards, scorpions and giant centipedes in their houses. Some of these animals are potentially dangerous, especially snakes and scorpions. However, most are little more than a startling nuisance.

The Weather

Doors that are sloppily installed or improperly insulated will allow both hot and cold temperatures pour into your home when you least want them to. This doesn’t just make your home a less comfortable place to be. It can also turn your utility bills into a financial burden. Water from rain, ice and snow can also get inside, possibly causing expensive moisture damage to your home. Wind is another element the door often doesn’t keep out. It can blow troublesome dirt and debris into your home when you’re coming or going, causing you to need to clean more frequently.

Health Hazards

An air leak in a door is all that’s needed to allow health threats inside. Allergens are the most common of them. Pollen, animal dander and mold can be forced into your home by wind or air pressure, where they can make you miserable for most of the year. The resulting fatigue, itchy eyes, runny nose and foggy mind make it difficult to efficiently handle everyday responsibilities. Airborne viruses and bacteria can also make it into your home through your door. They’re then trapped in your home with you, where they have a greater opportunity to make you and your family ill.

Peter Wendt is a freelance writer and researcher living in Austin, Texas.  If you are worried that unwanted pests and problems are sneaking past your front door, Peter highly recommends these custom door designers to solve your problems in a stylish manner.

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