Three Things to do after your Basement is Flooded

A flood in the basement of a home is certainly a disastrous situation. Depending on the severity and length of time the water has been standing, it can be difficult or even impossible to perform water damage restoration. However, it is essential that the homeowner carries out certain activities as soon as it is known that a flood has occurred in the basement of a house.

Determine the Source of the Flood

The first thing that should be done is to determine the source of the flood. This may be difficult or extremely easy. If the flood is as a result of an overflow of a sink, toilet or even a washing machine, determining the source should be a swift process. Because all basements have a drainage system, the water should be directed to it after the source of the flood has been found. While draining may be slow and all the water will likely not drain out, this will help to eliminate some of the burden.


Remove and Save Affected Items

Without a doubt, there are always going to be a few items that are going to be damaged as a result of a basement flood. This means the homeowner will have to act quickly in attempting to salvage these things. Any clothing should be easy to salvage, but any furniture and carpeting that can’t be salvaged should be properly disposed of, as will paper materials. Certain items may be brought back to good condition by air drying outdoors in direct sunlight, such as smaller pieces of furniture. Carpets that have rubber undersides should not be cleaned by the homeowner because they can harbor harmful bacteria and fungi that can be detrimental to the health of the residents of the home. The best thing to do in that regard is to have a professional cleaning company deal with the water damage restoration process.

Mop and Dry

Regardless of whether the homeowner plans on hiring help to clean up the water damage from the flood, he or she will have to take steps to eliminate the standing water. Taking action immediately is the most important thing when trying to minimize the damage of a basement flood. The use of a sump pump will greatly help as it will help to eliminate much of the water. Any homeowner who does not own this device should instead use a mop and squeeze the excess water into a bucket. After the water has been dealt with, the individual should use a dehumidifier and room fans to dry out the basement. Windows should be left open as well if the weather is expected to be dry.

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