The Perfect House: The Perfect Home

When it comes to buying your own home, you’re going to want something absolutely perfect, there’s no doubt about it.  No matter what your budget is, you’re going to want to find something that is simply the best you can get.  Whether you like high ceilings or spacious rooms, lots of windows or ornate lights, radiators or electric underfloor heating, finding that perfect house can take a long time and you could end up with a big job on your hands.  Yet that huge refurbishment job could be a blessing in disguise.  By stripping a house and putting everything back exactly how you want you can turn a hollow shell of a house into your perfect home.

The Heart of the Home

The most important place to start is with living area.  When designing your home from the bottom up you want to make sure that the spaces you spend the most time in are the most comfortable for you.  Whether you’re looking at a huge open plan living area with kitchenette or separate rooms closed off from each other to offer you that little bit of privacy, you should be looking to build your plan around that room.  You have to think, too, about all the little things you cannot see.  Electrics and lights and what kind of heating you’re going to use.  If you would like electric underfloor heating, then it has to be fit beforehand, while radiators and the like have to be fitted to pipes laid in the walls.


Once you’ve got together a design for your living space that you really like, then the bedroom is the next most important area.  Here you’re going to spend the most time, although you’ll be asleep for most of it.  Making sure you get the morning light and the heat of the sun is a great way to make waking up that much more enjoyable, so south facing windows are a great idea.  Another important consideration is the floor.  If you go with a wooden floor then you don’t want to have cold feet almost permanently, so electric underfloor heating is a great way to banish those icy toes.

After all of this comes your bathroom, your kitchen and all those finishing touches to your dream home.  You can create a feeling of space with the right use of light and colour, so develop a home that you can be proud of, one that will make you feel perfectly at home.

Elenor Greas writes blogs about electric underfloor heating.

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