The Perfect Engagement Ring

When a man falls in love there is a strong probability that he wants to spend the rest of his life with the object of his love. If that happens to be a woman, then he needs to show her just how strongly he feels and convince her that his feelings are genuine and sincere. There may be several that you can convey your feelings and intentions.

  1.     Buying her a house, a little out of most people’s budget.
  2.     Giving her an extra-long kiss, might not necessarily show your intentions though.
  3.     Giving her a puppy, although just like a relationship is a long term commitment.
  4.     Simply showing her a good time.

There are many ways that we can show the person that we love just how much you love them and what your intentions really are, the best way though may be to buy that special someone a diamond engagement ring.

A Single, Solitary Stone

There is a good reason why it has been accepted since before our grandparents were born that a man gives his fiancé an engagement ring. An engagement necklace could not easily be distinguished from other items of jewellery around the neck. Earrings, of course, could have been given by anybody and symbolize anything. The same applies to a bracelet. A tiara, on the other hand, just would not be practical for the bride-to-be to wear everywhere every day. A ring, however, can be distinguished as a clear sign that the wearer has been spoken for. Everybody can see it and if she wears it on the socially designated finger, then she has accepted a man’s proposal of marriage and is therefore no longer available for courtship by anyone else. Perhaps a red ruby is a good choice for such a symbol, or a blue sapphire, or… Well, there is such a daunting array of pretty jewels to choose from that selecting the right one can be tricky for a man who can’t exactly ask the woman to whom he has not yet proposed what sort of engagement ring she would like. Given this age-old dilemma, what could be better, simpler and send a clearer message than a single, solitary diamond: a solitaire engagement ring.

A Girl’s Best Friend

There are many rings to choose from, each with a differing design and amount of subtlety. Design being dictated by style of ring and also the precious stoned used within it. The simplicity of a round solitaire is perhaps the easiest choice for many men who can’t quite read their loved-ones’ mind, because such a ring is easy on the eye, goes with anything, clashes with nothing, and because, as the song says, Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. A solitaire engagement ring may be square, with much smaller stones at each corner making it stand out more from the finger. This produces less of a modest understatement and more of a show. Of course the most significant factor in any solitaire design is the size of the diamond, and that is the crunch when it comes to how much the man can afford, or how much more than he can afford he is willing to borrow.

Many men have put themselves deeply into debt by using credit to buy beautiful diamond rings for the women they want to marry, only to be saddled with that debt long after they are married. But the power of love often over-rides such concerns and makes its poor victim invest in a diamond ring for the object of that love.  She, in turn, will proudly show it to all her friends and make her left hand movements as ostentatious as possible, and he will be convinced that the diamond solitaire was the best investment of his life.

This article was written by Mark Johnson on behalf of Serendipity Diamonds. Serendipity Diamonds is a leading supplier in all diamond products and have an extensive collection of diamond engagement rings. Mark is a keen blogger who is happily married and has one son.

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