The Importance Of Central Heating

Central heating is a crucial part of everyday life in so many homes and buildings but problems can occur and it can be difficult to know which option to take.
Modern homes have heat and hot water literally on tap, meaning that the old days of waiting for the water tank to heat up have long gone. Programmable timers mean that homes can be heated prior to waking up on cold winter mornings or before arriving home from work in the winter. Such timers mean that it is also possible to arrange for the heating to be turned off at specific times and for families it can be adjusted depending on who is coming and going at different times.

Reliance on central heating

Central heating can be more cost effective than other types of heating, such as electric storage heaters which can rack up huge electricity bills. However, most people are now so reliant on easy access to hot water and heating on demand that when something goes badly wrong it is difficult to cope.  Therefore, it is essential that boilers and heating systems are properly maintained on a consistent basis.

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Which option to take?

Brand new

There are many advertisements on television which can be quite confusing and it can often be difficult to know which route is the best one to take.  You have to weigh up whether it is more cost effective to replace a boiler once it is over a certain age.  The cost of doing this might require a substantial outlay initially in terms of plumbing work and materials but it may save money in terms of bills in the future.  Arguably, brand new boilers will be the most energy efficient and as such, there is an argument that they are also better for the environment.

Effective maintenance

Conversely, good boiler maintenance may be all it takes to keep a good heating system going for years.  Regular servicing, checks and maintenance can ensure longevity and efficiency of a boiler and its system.  It is possible to enter into contracts for boiler maintenance only and these usually carry either a monthly or annual charge to the homeowner.  The good thing with some of these contracts is that they often cover parts too so an expensive boiler part can be replaced without a massive outlay having to be made.

Taking the risk

Another route is to run the risk of failure of the heating system.  This is obviously not recommended as it often requires either the replacement of a boiler and system in one go, or at the very least significant repairs.  A boiler left to its own devices is likely to become less efficient over time, and as such bills will increase.

Article written by Jane Thomas representing who provide spare gas boiler parts as well as components for central heating systems.

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