The Advantages Of Using Rugs In The Home

Many people consider a rug to be ‘just another accessory’, but they’re actually much more. Rugs can make any space feel comfortable and cosy; they reflect your personality and add a little bit of you to your home.

As well as a multitude of purposes and benefits, rugs are also one of the easiest ways to dramatically transform a room quickly. A lot of people will never have even considered rugs as a way to update a room but will be pleasantly surprised at how easy a complete transformation is.

One of the biggest advantages of using rugs to update your home is their price. Complete home makeovers are generally expensive and at this time of year not many people are in the financial position to completely makeover their home; with this being the case it means that cheap and cheerful accessories are key when it comes to transforming a home. Rugs are definitely on your side when it comes to price and if you go for quality they’ll last years.

A practical advantage of rugs is that they protect your floors – especially if they’re made from wood. If your living space can accommodate it, a big, thick rug will protect wooden floors from becoming scratched and damaged. If you have a carpet then rugs act as a great layer of protection against spills and stains, which if worked into the carpet could result in you having to pay for new flooring.

When you decorate using a rug, you are guaranteed to find one that goes with your current d├ęcor. There are a huge number of rugs out there in a wide variety of styles and colours, so if you want a really bold pattern, you can have one; if you want a rug that incorporates calming and neutral colours.


If you’ve made the mistake of allowing people to walk over your cream carpe with shoes on, or over your wooden floor in heels then the scratches and stains that have built up over time are probably really frustrating for you. If this is the case then rugs can be placed strategically over these stains and scratches so that your floor looks as good as new. Wooden floors can get really cold through the winter but rugs can solve this and help to reduce your heating bills at the same time – because you won’t feel the need to turn the thermostat up.

James Curtis is a photographer for an estate agents. He describes the difference in the amount of interest in a home that looks warm and cosy thanks to the use of accessories like rugs and a home that looks bland and dull. When selling his own home James opted for a selection of rugs from and his house was sold in just three months.

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