The Advantages Of Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor is one that acts as something of an intermediate, sitting just above the floor below, but what are the advantages of having these within your business space?

It could be suggested that the ideal solution for the space your business so desperately needs in many ways is a mezzanine floor. This represents an option without the expensive costs of rebuilding and it can be ready to use in just a short amount of time.

Mezzanine Floors

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If your business is based in a warehouse or large office but you have filled all of your floor space then adding another level may be the perfect option to turn to. Mezzanine floors could be the answer to your business needs as they are a quick and easy method of almost doubling the amount of space that you can utilise.

Other key advantages


There are many advantages of mezzanine floors, firstly they are a lot cheaper in the long run than any of the alternatives such as renting another space of equal size, which could mean doubling the cost of your premises. Alternatively, rebuilding a new floor is of course very costly and time consuming.
Springboard for expansion
Mezzanine floors can give your business the strength and stability to expand and bring in more stock supplies. This means that the business can buy in larger bulk and potentially gain more discounts on stock, which could mean that the mezzanine floor could eventually end up paying for itself and then some. There is also the potential to bring in new staff and more staff equals more productivity, and this in turn equals more income.

Get-Out Clause

Another great trait of a mezzanine floor is that they can be removed if you decide that you need the vertical space more, or if you decide that they are just not right for you.

Vantage point

A mezzanine floor could be a good solution for an office in a warehouse or a factory. This gives an aerial view of the employees to enable a manager or supervisor to get a better idea of each member of staff’s work rate and productivity. This can be beneficial to see both who are the weakest members of a team, and the strongest.
It is important that mezzanine floors are done professionally by specialists. A specialist takes full liability over any problems related to mezzanine floors to make sure you have nothing to worry about. Once you have planning permission, the professionals take over to make sure that your new floor is fit for purpose, and it is strong, stable and complies with the laws related to mezzanine floors such as making sure that the right fire protection products and procedures are in place.

Article written by Craig Ward representing who have extensive experience in the design and installation of mezzanine floors for a range of purposes.

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