Why Everyone Is Switching To LED Lights

Why Everybody Is Switching To LED Lights

In recent years, everyone has been affected by the threat of global warming. It is for this reason that many individuals, and of course businesses, are looking for methods to minimize their impact on the planet. There are many activities that we can engage in to help in promoting a greener environment, and one of the quickest and simplest is by taking a look at your lighting methods. By just changing your normal bulbs to the new LED lights, you can make a huge difference in the race to a greener environment.

The 21st century has witnessed changes and growth in every area and the lighting sector has not been left out. Today many have shifted from the use of HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights and halogen lights to the use of LED lights. The use of LEDs has very many advantages when compared to the other known bulbs such as CFLs and fluorescent lights, which can be unsafe. Below are some of the main reasons why you should switch from conventional bulbs to the new LED lights.

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A time-proved technology

LED technology is tried and tested, and has been in widespread use since the early 1960s. They have a dazzlingly diverse range of uses, including traffic lights, digital watches, signage, floodlights and, of course, as the infrared bulb in the end of a remote control device. The LED has proven its versatility and reliability for over half a century and, in an ever increasing range of uses, continues to prove its worth.

The light that gives a soft and warm glow

Not only do LED lights illuminate, they can also, contrary to popular belief, provide a really subtle soft and warm glow. When thinking of LED lights, many of us immediately think of the cold, bluish lights popular on Christmas trees. However, with new LED technology, a far more gentle and romantic lighting is achievable, transforming the way we think about LED lights.

High-energy efficiency

In the current harsh economic climate, every one of us wants to save each and every penny we can. One of the simplest ways to save the pennies and reduce their energy expenditure in a long term and meaningful way, is by switching to LED lights. LED light bulbs use 75 to 80 percent less energy compared to traditional incandescent lights. When you consider the proportion of your household energy bill that is spent on lighting, using LED lighting options could have a really significant impact on the reduction of energy costs for your home.

Make sure you know what you’re getting

As with any quality product, there are a lot of shoddy and badly made products being put on sale trying to exploit this rapidly developing market. It is definitely worth ensuring you’re getting genuine LED lights and bulbs that have been manufactured to a high standard, when choosing your new LED lights. In this case it is definitely worth paying a little bit extra up front to make sure you get the long term savings you’re looking for.


David Hamer is a lighting expert with a passion for the environment. He provides advice on economically and ecologically friendly lighting solutions to home-owners and businesses. David has been incredibly impressed with the recent developments in LED lighting technology and recommends this as a clean and green option for your lighting needs.

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