What Values Should Modern Toy Brands Stand For?

In the modern world, the morals and values of businesses are more important than they have perhaps ever been before. Consumers have a stronger focus on ‘what things stand for’ than at any time in the past, and are more diligent with where they spend their money. One only has to look at the way certain supermarkets or brands around the world are boycotted by certain consumers to see how strong emotions can be.

Toy companies are among some of the most prominent in the world, and as such are a target of huge focus. In recent years, the involvement of groups such as Greenpeace has once again turned global focus to these large brands. We explored the ideals and characteristics that all 21st Century toy makers should be promoting through their products.

Educational Play

While the market for toys that are labelled as ‘educational’ is bigger than ever before, there is pressure on manufacturers and designers to ensure that all toys are educational in some way, shape, or form. Otherwise, where is the real value for a child and a parent, if there are no learning or development benefits?

Toy companies don’t need to do a lot differently, just point out what the educational benefits of particular products could be, where they aren’t blatantly obvious such as in a learning or alphabet toy.

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Quality and Durable

Despite the world still feeling the effects of the financial crisis, there is a feeling that the ‘cheaper the better’ attitude that dominated much of the last decade is starting to subside. It seems that people finally realised that paying less doesn’t necessarily get you better, and that paying a higher price for something that lasts is better than replacing a piece of junk every couple of weeks. The concept of ‘value for money’ meaning ‘cheap’ has also been widely shunned.

Companies that aren’t committed to producing quality, durable toys will find themselves staring up a blind alley in years to come.

Age Appropriate Toys

Some toy manufacturers in recent years have looked as if they are going through the motions, just producing toys because it is expected of them, rather than putting any thought into it. There needs to be a huge refocus from designers and marketing teams to get appropriate toys for both girls and boys aimed at the right age groups. The fight against games consoles and technology gadgets isn’t an unwinnable one, and all it will take is the smart development of suitable, age appropriate toys for children in every age group.

Moving forward, the toy brands that demonstrate these values, among others, will be the ones who see their revenues and popularity increase as consumer attitudes continue to evolve.

This article has been written by Kate Carson, a competent and experienced writer about girls toys. Kate currently works for A Girl for All Time, who provides a range of award-winning gift ideas for girls, including dolls, novels, and keepsake books. Kate continues to research and find out more exciting stuff in the world of dolls and girls toys from throughout the ages.

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