Web Design: Special Requirements For An E-Commerce Website

If one of these functions is not working properly the whole site may be compromised, and sales will suffer. It is important for an online retailer to obtain professional help and support when designing their website. For business owners north of the border who are looking for help with their web design Scotland offers many companies that provide professional and supportive services.

So what exactly is required for an e-commerce website to function smoothly?

Detailed product descriptions and clear images

A couple of clicks from the homepage should bring the customer to a precise, detailed product descriptions page with several clear images of the product for sale. Current, comprehensive information is what the customer needs in order to make a purchase decision, and if that is not available they will most likely navigate to another site.

Information should include sizes, colours, and availability of items, and links within the product descriptions need to be working smoothly. Details of delivery times and costs, in addition to returns information will give the customer confidence that the retailer understands their particular needs and concerns.

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Search and filter facilities

Detailed search and filter functions will enhance the customer’s shopping experience by being able to quickly find alternative products or sizes. Speeding up the buying process in this way may encourage additional sales if the filters are functioning smoothly.

Some retailers may feel that they need professional advice about which functions to include in order to enhance their customers’ shopping experience. If you are looking for expertise in web design Scotland has much to offer in terms of professional web design companies.

Secure shopping cart and payment process

Once visitors have decided to make a purchase, a checkout system and shopping cart that is straightforward to use will ensure that they follow through to the payment stage. If the shopping cart is not functioning properly, it is unlikely that the sale will go through however, as confidence in the site as a whole will drop.

The retailer can indicate that they take security seriously by adding relevant messages and images to the shopping cart and payment pages. Using trusted methods of payment that consumers are used to seeing will also help to instil confidence in the security of the site.

Designing an e-commerce website is a task for professional web designers. If not designed correctly visitors will become frustrated and may leave the site, so ease of use should be one of the top priorities for designers of this type of website.

David Hamer is an expert in website design, and has written many informative articles on the subject.

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