The 3 Most Dangerous Tools Used On A Daily Basis

Many people will go ahead and start using tools without even thinking twice about it, but you have to realise how dangerous tools really can be. It is a fact that there has been a rise in the amount of people going to the hospital with injuries relating to using tools at home, however statistics have stayed the same for those who use tools on a regular basis as part of their job (such as carpenters). This goes to show that the people who are using tools at home are not being as careful as they should be, resulting in them being injured.


The question may be running through your head whether ladders are actually classed as tool, and in fact, yes they are. Many different people will use ladders on a daily basis; this can be both inside and outside the house. There are many different designs of ladders, all made to complete a specific job. It is essential that you do not use the same type of ladders to complete all jobs, or else this is how you can end up in an accident.

If you don’t have the correct type of ladders, then you should contact someone who does or hire them out from a tool company.

Safety Tip: You should wear a tool belt or apron when completing a job on ladders, this will allow you to keep your hands free.


A hammer is an extremely dangerous tool and can leave you with injuries that you are stuck with for life. It is essential that you know exactly how to use a hammer before you go ahead and use it to complete a job. You should never use a hammer to try and knock nails out of a wall or to try and knock down a wall; if you do then you can end up being in a very serious accident.

You should place the hammer a couple of inches above the target that you want to hit; you should then hit the target with quick taps. You should always stay in control when using the hammer, if you don’t know how to use it properly or end up hurting your whilst using it, you should get some assistance to complete the job for you.

Safety Tip: You should never use the whole of your arm to hit your target with a hammer, instead you should use the strength in your wrist.

dangerous tools

Surface Grinder

There are various different grinding tools that you may come across; they all work in quite a similar way. However it is essential that you only use them for the specific job they are made for. You should always have assistance or supervision when you are using grinding tools as they are quite big. To ensure that you are using the right grinding tool for the intended job, you should look at the uses of surface grinders.

Safety Tip: You should always use the protective shield that comes with the grinder; this will protect you from any flying debris.

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