Real Life Success With Body Worn Spy Equipment Items

Cody Cam Surveillance

Surveillance jobs come in all shapes and sizes and it can be a job in itself choosing from all the equipment available to take on the job. A body cam is one of the most versatile as you can use it as a covert hidden body camera or a covert hidden body recording listening device. As it functions as a normal camera, it is just hidden it can be used for operations that are not covert. The best use for this useful spy camera is door to door interviews or for use in night clubs and pubs when you need to talk intimately with people.

Spy Video Glasses Shop Lifter

We once had a very slippery shop lifter who prayed on the same shops in and around quite a large town. He never took anything of great value but it was the regularity of it that started to cost the money. The shop lifter had many disguises and prayed mostly on the small but busy cooperative type of supermarkets where they were not as vigilant as the larger stores. He was in a store one day and the clever store manager had already decided that she would call us before the Police. She told her staff to ignore the man if he came in the store but to tell her as soon as they saw him. This particular day he was spotted and she put in the call. We were there within minutes with our Spy Video Glasses on and ready. Two of us filmed him from different angles of the store and gathered enough evidence to give to the Police. Instead of jumping on him we decided to follow him. As luck would have it he went to his home. We now had his address to give to the Police as well the shop lifting footage.


Pen Video Camera Catch Bogus Salesman

It had been reported to us that a bogus salesman was operating from a stall on our local market. He was taking deposits for carpet cleaning that was booked in for a couple of weeks’ time. He was taking a lot of money and booking them all in for the same time. When he felt he had enough money or he was pushing his luck with the time he would move on.  It came to our notice when two women who were friends had booked him separately but the appointments where for the same date and time. The woman new that this was strange as the man had guaranteed that he would be cleaning the carpets personally. The women went to the market and he was gone with their money.

The women called us to help. We went to the market and talked to some of the traders that had got to know the man and also to the local council. They gave us his name and the details of his vehicle. Some of the traders could not believe he was capable of cheating people from their money. We got a tip that he was at a town nearby and decided to pay him a visit with our pen video camera.

We located his stall in the market and paid him a visit. We gave the impression we were looking to get our carpets cleaned and began to film him. He gave us his spiel and we sat listening to it. When he finished we let rip. We asked him why he didn’t turn up to the woman’s homes to clean their carpets and we asked him to give their money back. He was a real idiot and admitted to everything he had been doing thinking we could do nothing about it we had this on film. When we left he packed up and we followed him. We got his address and gave our video footage and all the information we had on him to the Police. They were delighted with the information and took action almost immediately.

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