My Cell Phone Does Video. Why Get a Camcorder, too?

This post answers the following questions

1) What are the two types of storage used for recording video?
2) Why quality matters?
3) What is moving at a super-sonic pace?
4) Why Auto-Focus is another major advantage of a camcorder over a cell phone?
5) Which should you buy, a camcorder or a cell phone?

Technology is moving at a super-sonic pace. Five years ago, you were thrilled if your new Motorola Razor had a camera on it. Now, the average phone has progressed to the point where they can record live video and upload it directly to YouTube or Facebook in a matter of seconds. It’s an exciting age to live in.

Quality Matters

The most important moments of your lives, like your honeymoon vacation or child’s dance recital, deserve to be captured the right way. Digital camcorders offer superior resolution (with 1080p being the standard) and outstanding sound quality compared to cell phone video cameras.

The image sensorson a camcorder are much larger than those on a cell phone. This allows the recording to capture more light which is particularly important in low light and artificially lit settings.

Digital camcorders also have a higher bit rate and lower compressionthan cell phone cameras which allow fast moving images to be captured easily without motion blur and distortion.

A much more sophisticated Auto-Focus is another major advantage of a camcorder over a cell phone making it much easier to capture fast moving images like your friend running down the field at a soccer game or your child going down a sliding board.

Certain cell phones offer 1080p video recording but that is the only feature available. The bit rate is low, the compression is high, the autofocus is shoddy and the image sensor is small. The four most important features you need to record the best possible picture quality so you can properly enjoy your favorite moments are simply not available on cell phone video cameras.

Storage Capacity

There are two types of storage used for recording video. You can either use flash memory or a harddrive. Hard drives offer a much larger storage capacity than flash memory, which is essential if you are shooting video for an extended period of time, like your child’s hockey game for instance.

Lest we not forget how quickly using your video recorder on your cell phone drains its already strained battery life. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you can’t make an important phone call because you decimated the remaining 50% of your battery recording a 10 minute 4th of July fireworks show. Sure, your cell phone may do the trick for recording an impromptu brief moment, but are just not adequate for the big events in your life. Factor in the major advantages in sound like the higher quality built in microphones and the ability to attach an even better microphone to your camcorder and you should have all the incentive you need to start recording video the right way with any of the many Digital camcorders available in retail stores or online sites within your reach!

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