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Memory cards are a crucial aspect of digital photography – after all, it’s the way that our precious digital photos get stored and transferred to our computers. So how do you look after your memory card to ensure it always works effectively, and avoid that moment of panic when you discover that you might have just lost all your snaps? The following are some basic tips for looking after your memory card.

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Eject your memory card correctly – As much as we love to yank that card straight out after we’ve uploaded all our photos, it is important to follow the correct steps. If you are using Windows, take two seconds to right click on the appropriate drive and select ‘Eject’ instead of haphazardly removing the card.

Protect your card – Consider getting memory card protector cases, if you haven’t already. Dust, dirt, bumps and knocks, and even extreme temperatures can cause irreparable damage to your memory card when it is not in use in your camera. This small investment could prevent you from potentially losing thousands of pictures in the future.

First turn off your camera, then remove the card – Taking out the card once the camera is off ensures that you don’t interrupt any reading or writing that might be occurring whilst the camera is on. Doing so while the camera is on could result in irreversible damage to the card.

Safety in numbers – Sure, wouldn’t a 1000GB memory card sound oh so enticing? All your photos on the one card and never having to worry about memory again? What more could a camera enthusiast ask for? But the bigger the memory card, the bigger the loss should the memory card get damaged or lost. With my Canon, I always like to take at least three memory cards when I’m on holidays. That way, if I lose one card, at least I still have some photographic evidence of my holiday. Some call it paranoia, I call it peace of mind. You can never be too careful.

By taking some extra precautions when handling your memory card, you’ll avoid the tragedy of losing photos from your holiday, party, or other important gathering. Remember – not matter how well you take care of your equipment and memory cards, malfunctions still happen, so ensure you’re also backing up your photos on your computer, external hard drive, or even on good old CDs regularly.

Curtis Jones is a design and photography student who loves travelling, eating and scuba diving with the one hand, and taking photos with his Canon in the other

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