Low Budget SmartPhones And Their Advantages

With the smartphone sector gradually becoming popular every passing day, manufacturers of these high-end devices leave no stone unturned in offering almost everything. High-end smartphones, and mostly those which are popularly advertised nowadays, bring to the customers the latest offerings in technology. Large screens, powerful processors and an extensive storage capability is becoming the buzz. However, before you purchase a smartphone for your needs, it is important to consider whether you really need a cellular device to replace your computer or laptop.

Smartphone Selling Strategy – Generating Maximum Profits

For every potential smartphone buyer, there is a cellular device already manufactured to meet their demands. From simple smartphones to the ones featuring quad core processors, there are numerous options to choose from. A question that might arise here is – why are the expensive ones advertised the most? The strategy is quite simple – the sale of an expensive product generated a larger profit for the manufacturers, and thus they focus more on its publicity. By emaphasizing on “the bigger, the better”, a mobile phone manufcaturing company only ensures that potential customers go for  more expensive models. The more these products are advertised, the more the possibility of sale of these phones increases. On the other hand, cheaper models are probably left for promotion by network providers to tempt a customer to sign a contract with them.

High-end smartphones are indeed packed with a greater number of features, however, a very important aspect that most people tend to overlook when shopping for these devices is whether they actually need all the features in the phone. The more the features, the higher the price is for a device. If you need a smartphone for capturing, viewing and transferring HD videos, sure these super expensive phones meet your demands. However, if you need a smartphone only for being in sync with your official email address even when you are not at work, or need to edit documents and presentations on the go, a simple smartphone may just work fine for you.

Low Budget Smartphones – Their features and advantages

In most cases, a customer who buys a $600 phone may not essentially need all the in-built features. For example, a high-end smartphone may feature a processor with a speed of more than 1000MHz. In contrast, a simple smartphone comes with a 800MHz processor which is powerful enough to perform all the operations carried out by its expensive counterpart. The only difference lies in the amount of time they take, and a simple smartphone may delay the activity by only a number of seconds. Additionally, a screen size of 3 inches also easily allows a user to see the information displayed quite clearly, and you do not necessarily need a phone with a display size of more than 4 inches to look at everything in your clearly.


Low budget smartphones can carry out all the tasks performed by high-end smartphones. If you are worried about the applications that can be run on a simple smartphone, you will be quite interested in knowing that these applications are designed keeping the minimum requirements in mind, and thus can be run on almost any smartphone. Spending a lot of money on something that you will hardly find useful in the future may not be a good decision, but it would certainly be an excellent idea to explore all the other alternatives when you go shopping for a smartphone. A product which is highly advertised may not be the best choice for you, and it would certainly be worth your time to have a look at other smartphones if it can help you save a considerable amount of money.

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