IWatch And Home Automation: What Are The Possibilities?

For example, if you wear your watch while you sleep, it could be designed to monitor your breathing and heart rate throughout the night. As dawn approaches and it comes time for you to awake, the iWatch could contact the alarm clock, delaying it from sounding until you’ve reached a lighter sleeping stage. Thus, you would never have to experience the jarringly unpleasant sensation of being ripped from deep sleep. Once you were awake, the iWatch could send a message to your coffee maker, telling it to brew up a cup for you while you get yourself dressed. As you leave the house, it could automatically lock the door behind you and unlock your car as you approach. It could also track you as you leave, and adjust your home’s climate control so that it doesn’t waste energy on an empty house.

Additionally, it could be used in home security to better protect your house. Leading home automation provider Vivint is able to provide its customers with peace of mind, through the use of various sensors and the Vivint camera system. If these systems were to be able to be tied into a context aware iWatch, then the various cameras, alarms, and sensors would know not to activate when the homeowner is the person approaching the house. This would certainly come in handy when coming home late, and forgetting that the security system is running.

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