IWatch And Home Automation: What Are The Possibilities?

The iWatch is a wearable smart device rumored to be in development by Apple. Although no official release date–or even a conformation of development–has yet been given, technophiles and Apple fanatics around the world are looking forward to the inevitable day when they can wear their smart device on their wrist, and take watch-based video calls like a fictional Cold War secret agent. However, there are other, more practical consumers who would like to know why it would be an improvement to have what essentially amounts to a smartphone with a smaller screen strapped to their forearm. These concerns seem justified, and may even result in the cancellation of the product. After all, will people be willing to pay several hundred dollars for something that is less convenient than a smartphone? Thats a difficult question to answer. Perhaps a more useful question would be this: what could you do with an iWatch that you couldn’t do with an existing smart device? To answer this question, lets take a look at home automation.

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