Is The Suunto D4i Is The Best Scuba Diving Watch?

If you take scuba diving seriously, then you will want to have the best and most cutting edge technology to improve your diving experience. That’s why the Suunto D4i will be of great interest to you. Diving as you will undoubtedly agree is about being free to take in the many great sights underwater and just like any other form of technology in life, scuba diving watches or wrist computers are always improving and the D4i from Suunto is no different. Let’s take a closer look at what you actually get inside the compact design of the D4i.


Features and Specification of the Suunto D4i

-Easy To Read Dot Matrix Display Screen
-Electro Luminescent Backlight for extra visibility
-Wireless Air Integration (Optional)
-Easy-to-synch with Movescout to share images, videos and information about your dives
-Displays Depth, Dive Time, Temperature and Decompression Status
-3 Operational Modes: Freedive Air and Nitrox
-Visual and Audible Time and Depth alerts

The Suunto D4i is different to many of the other scuba diving watches on the market, because it is more than just a computer it is a diving companion. The Suunto D4i will help you while you are underwater by alerting you when it is time to come back to the surface, as well keeping you updated on the compression levels so you are aware of any changes in weather conditions.

It can ruin a perfectly good dive if you have to stop every once and a while to fiddle and check the air levels on your tank. The D4i gives the perfect solution to this problem with its full wireless integration with your air tank so that you need only look at your watch to see your current tank pressure and how much air you have left. This and any other information such as time, temperature and depth are all easy to read from the Dot matrix screen and when the water is murkier or when you are on night time dives there is the addition of the backlight.

As well as the above, the D4i also forms your connection to the worldwide community of divers using the Movescout software. The watch is fully compatible with it meaning that each time you finish a dive you can log and share the data online, as well as intricate graphical logs of all your dives. This also means that you can download and use friends or other diver’s data to have the best diving experiences possible. So if you want to share a particular dive or pictures and footage from your dive you can.

As you can see the Suunto D4i isn’t just a one trick pony that excels in one area but falls flat in the rest, it has been designed with consistency. It gives you all the data you will ever need or want to fully analyse your dives and also gives you access to a world of possibilities for swapping and sharing with others using the Movescout software. If you are seriously in love with diving, you will fall seriously in love with the Suunto D4i.

Author: This post was supplied on behalf of Simply Scuba, online diving store specialising in dive computers such as the Suunto D4i

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