Is Click To Call That Easy?

Click to call has given businesses ease in the way that they operate. Organisations understand the importance of the Internet and how it is more than a portal for transactions and to relay information.

The Internet has allowed for easy access and importantly the ability to communicate on a global scale.

VOIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, allows individuals to communicate via the web. The functionality of this is unlimited as long as there is access to the Internet. This technology is driving many businesses and one of the features that VOIP can offer is click to call.

Click to call is widely used as it reduces what is known as basket abandonment. This is massively reduced as there is support available online for a customer to speak to an advisor which for many customers is important.

Statistics show that there is a 22-25%, (1), reduction in basket abandonment with websites that have click to call built in. Interestingly click to call can enhance your customer service as statistics show that 88%, (1), of people are more likely to contact a company if they have click to call available.

Click to call enables an organisation to implement a multi-platform approach of communications. This means that no matter where you are in the world, you are always available to speak to your customers. By having click to call it means that money that would be allocated to landline and mobile bills can be saved and re-invested somewhere else. A click to call strategy is practically free and saves time, money and effort.


Another function that businesses may find useful is that click to call can include call recording functionality. This can be integrated into your systems so that when you are out office it can allow customers to leave a message which for your business means that you are not missing out on a sales opportunity.

Your website is the second most used portal that customers will use when they want to purchase your products and view what services you have to offer. Unlike a physical shop, your website is able to monitor more closely customer purchasing behaviours and trends. This means that as a business you can identify where most of your transactions are lost. If it is down to your customers being uncertain about a product then you will be able to monitor the functionality of click to call and how effective it has been in your business or whether you click to call is something that needs to be integrated.

Click to call offers a host of advantages for your business and it is a function that many organisations have implemented. If you are targeting a global market then there needs to be some sort of communication function implemented whereby customers can contact you and easily – it does not need to be complicated Not only does this add a ‘human’ feel for them but as a business it means that you are still providing high customer service which can be hard to achieve online.


By Jema Daya

Jema is a Marketing Executive at RAR recommended FDC Studio in Ibstock Leicester; you can contact Jema by contacting her on twitter @fdcstudio

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