How to Spot Texas Holdem Online Poker Scam Gangs

More recently, it was reported that a gang of computer hackers in South Korea were able to rake in $45,265 from unsuspecting online players, using a special program called the Netbot Attacker. The Netbot Attacker is one of those DDOS-style (Distributed Denial of Service) programs used to launch cyber attacks. The Korean gang used it to infect about 11,000 computers. The software, which was installed on about 700 Internet cafes, gave scammers and hackers access to the hole cards and resulted in unfair advantage.

Aside from the Netbot Attacker, scam gangs from China also used a trojan virus to get prohibited access to the passwords and usernames of other players online, allowing them to steal the players’ online credit. The gang managed to get $140,000 from various players’ accounts, and the software used in this cyber crime was also illegally distributed. There were also online poker scam gangs who operate by fixing Texas Hold’em poker games.

With more and more cases being reported about a set of players colluding to fix Texas Hold’em games, you must learn how to spot online poker scam gangs on the onset. Here are some tips to help you out:

Step 1: Make sure that the online poker room is secure.

A secure site uses the latest technologies to update their security protocols. They are also closely monitored and audited by a reputable third party organization to ensure player safety and safe and honest gaming. So before you sign up, take time to check the site’s policy when it comes to privacy and player protection. Remember to turn on your firewall and use the installed antivirus program of your computer to detect any potential malware attack or viruses lurking around.

Step 2: Avoid playing on Internet cafes.

It is safer to use your own computer when playing Texas Hold’em poker online or any casino game. Internet cafes may be installed with a special program or software that can easily steal any personal information, which allows hackers and scammers access to your online credit. Some software may also allow them to see your hole cards, giving them unfair advantage and allowing them full control of the game. If you will be playing on an Internet cafe, make sure that the computers are secure and the cafe can assure players of uninfected PCs and virus detection.

Step 3: Check for any glitches.

When there are cyber attacks, you can spot some irregularities. It may take time for the site to fully load or there are glitches experienced on the site such as technical delays. Take note of these, as these could be signs of the Netbot Attacker or a special program in the works.

Step 4: Monitor how the games are played.

There are cases wherein players online may collude with each other to fix the game. The unknowing victim may then lose hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars because of this. Although it is a given that you cannot win all the time when playing poker, you have to watch out for irregularities. Some players may be getting too lucky, or it may seem like you’re having the worst rounds though you’re playing it smart or have the strongest of hands. It is then important to limit your play or check your account to make sure you’re not being scammed.

Step 5: Report any irregularity or glitches to the technical support staff.

In case of any irregularity, contact a customer support staff to help you out with your concerns. By reporting the incident, the online casino operator may detect any scam in the works and do something to filter the problems and work on their security system. By bringing it to their attention, they can better respond to privacy issues and possibilities of cyber attacks.

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