How To Choose A DNA Testing Service

Coming to the conclusion that you need a DNA test can be a big decision. However, selecting the best DNA testing company to carry out the test for you can be equally as important. When it comes to choosing the right company for your DNA testing needs, there are several things to consider. You might want to decide whether you need to use one that has court accreditation, whether they can provide the customer support you’ll need, and if they have the experience and professionalism necessary to give you a quick and accurate result.

If for any reason you need a DNA test that will stand up as evidence in court it’s absolutely essential that you choose a company that has been recognised by the Ministry of Justice. In doing so you can be confident that the company will use only the best testing methods and follow UK law at all times. As a minimum they will be accredited to the International Quality Standard ISO17025. If you don’t need your DNA test to be backed by the courts then you could use a company without accreditation. Known as ‘peace of mind’ or ‘curiosity’ testing, such companies may be able to provide cheaper tests, but some people might not be so confident about their service.


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Another thing that’s really important when it comes to picking a DNA testing company is customer service. If you thought it was annoying not being able to get through to your electricity supplier imagine how distressing it could be trying to reach your tester without any luck. The results of DNA tests can prove an emotional challenge for some people, so it’s just as important that your chosen company offers customer service that matches its clinical excellence.

Getting a DNA test is all about getting peace of mind. Taking that into consideration, you’ll be far more confident about your results if they come from a company with a proven history of successful results. Picking a company that does regular work for a major organisation – a government agency perhaps – is a sure way of knowing you’re putting your faith in a credible company. Some companies may also subject themselves to independent external monitoring to help ensure they keep to the highest standards.

If you’ve found several companies that are court accredited offer great customer service, and have a tracked record of being a quality tester then are there any further ways to trim your selection? Cost is an important factor for lots of people. However, you may find that a cheaper test means that you’ll have to wait longer for a result. Many people will want to keep the wait for this potentially life-changing information as short as possible. However, if you can wait for the results of a DNA test, you might want to opt for the cheaper company.

Finally, even if you’re not worried about a company that has court accreditation most people will at least want to make sure their test is being carried out in the UK. Can you trust that laboratories abroad will treat your data with the sensitivity that is required? It may also be harder to get in touch with someone if you have any concerns about your test. Bear all these points in mind when choosing your company and your DNA testing experience should be as simple and stress-free as possible.

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