Exposing The Truth With Polygraph Testing

What Is Polygraph Testing?

Polygraph testing is often better known as a lie detector test. This simply means that any individual attached to the monitors of the machine will not be able to answer a question with a lie without it being picked up and realised. The devices used to record the indicators that identify when an individual are now solely electronic and produce a much more accurate and conclusive answer than in past years and have been proved effective in many cases at separating the truth from the lies. It is a very versatile and efficient method that remains popular and useful today.

How Does It Work?

A polygraph test works by measuring four main physical indicators that are evident in all individuals when they lie. These are blood pressure, respiration rate, pulse and the level of skin conductivity and each is raised when an individual feels guilty or under pressure as a result of being deceitful. By monitoring these different indicators whilst asking an individual relevant questions which are decided before the session begins. From the changes seen, it can be seen and evidenced whether or not the individual in question is telling the truth or lying in response to the questions.

Why Use It?

If you feel that you have been lied to or that the whole truth has not been told, polygraph testing could be the quick solution you are looking for. Lie detection is a quick, efficient and accurate method of identifying when an individual is lying that involves few outside resources and people and as such remains a low-key but effective type of investigation. Polygraph testing is also discreet in the number of people involved and controlled primarily by you in terms of the questions asked and answers needed making it also a very flexible and personal service.

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Polygraph testing can prove most useful in both a personal and professional capacity and can be adapted to many different cases. Here are just two examples of where we’ve used polygraph testing to change people’s lives.

1. An employee dispute was causing a lot of disruption in a local office where two individuals were repeatedly arguing over an office theft that both claimed the other was responsible for. Finally, their employer had had enough of the disruptive antics and wanted to find out the truth of the matter. We arranged polygraph sessions to be set up with both individuals using the same question list for both parties accused. The test revealed that one of the employees had been lying about their involvement in the theft and was in fact responsible for it and for starting allegations against his colleague.

2. A man with suspicions that his girlfriend had slept with another man came to us in the hope of finding out the truth once and for all. When the client had tried to confront his partner she denied all involvement with another man but he still could not get it out of his head that she was lying and so took action. A polygraph test revealed that she had cheated on more than once and the relationship ended.

Charlie Hodgson is an experienced and highly successful private detective who has worked alongside many other successful private detectives. Throughout the years Charlie has carried out investigations that require polygraph testing in order to determine the truth. To read more articles similar to this, visit http://www.leeds-privatedetectives.co.uk

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