Essential Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire fighters have to face many dangerous situations and challenges each day, without the equipment they have access to many of these situations would be impossible to tackle. Over the years, the equipment that fire fighters use has been improved; this has allowed fire fighters to do their job more efficiently and safely.

Fire Vehicles

The vehicles that fire fighters drive can make a huge difference to how they tackle an emergency. There are many different fire fighting vehicles, each one of them designed to tackle a certain situation. The fire vehicles include, fire engines, ladder trucks and rescue trucks. Once the fire fighters are informed what the emergency is, they then have to assess which vehicle is going to be the most suitable. It is important that they choose the vehicle which will be of most assistance in the emergency or they can end up being in a more dangerous situation.


You wouldn’t think that fire fighters would get much use out of a fire extinguisher considering they have access to using fire hoses and pumps; however fire extinguishers are extremely helpful. There are a number of different types of fire extinguisher, each one produced to tackle a different type of fire (burning wood, grease, electrics etc). Fire fighters will use the extinguisher to attempt to put the fire out before it gets too out of hand. They will also use them when entering a building and walking through a burning building by foot.

fire fighting equipment

Fireman’s Key

Each fire fighter will have access to fireman’s keys; they are extremely helpful when manoeuvring through a building that is on fire. They are used to manually open elevators; this will prevent the elevators opening on different floors which then can spread the fire. Keys do differ depending on the manufacturer, so it is important that you look at the variety of different fire brigade keys.

Protective Clothing

The clothing fire fighters wear has been improved dramatically over the last few years. If a fire fighter is entering a burning building on a regular basis, it is essential that he/she is protected from the naked flames. The clothing which the fire fighters wear will be fire resistant, meaning they won’t openly catch fire. Fire fighters will also wear a gas mask to protect themselves from the hazardous smoke and gases.

There is a lot more equipment fire fighters will have access to; each made to fit a specific purpose. It is important that fire fighters know how to use the equipment before they are sent on a job, to ensure this they are often put through a variety of training courses beforehand.

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