Apple Put Portsmouth In the Wrong Place On Maps

Technology giant Apple is facing intense criticism at the moment over its newly-developed map app. The company was forced to develop its own map software after a dispute with Google over the use of their maps on iPhones and iPads. Yet the Apple software has left users baffled and frustrated as it seemingly fails to recognise numerous cities and landmarks across the UK. Customers who have downloaded the iOS 6 update have been particularly disappointed with the app’s inaccuracies, of which there appear to be many.

One of the most glaring mistakes to be discovered by a user is the completely incorrect placing of Portsmouth on a map of the UK. Despite it being the second-largest city in Hampshire, it appears that developers of the app didn’t think it important enough to research accurately. Portsmouth is interestingly the only island city in Britain, largely located on Portsea Island. However, according to Apple’s map, it is in fact six miles away inland and the town of Havant, which should be in that spot, is nowhere to be seen.


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The error was first noticed by David Banks, an iPhone user from Southsea. Mr Banks frequently relies on online map software to reach business meetings, and so is the sort of user who could find themselves seriously inconvenienced as a result of these blunders. Other people visiting the area or wanting to book hotels in Portsmouth or Gunwharf Quays could also end up in entirely the wrong location, and have to drive for fifteen minutes to reach the real Portsmouth. Other mistakes in Portsmouth include the absence of Spinnaker Tower, a key tourist attraction which brings a lot of tourism to the city.

With it being reported that half of the UK population now own a smartphone, apps such as these need to be as accurate as possible. As such, Apple are currently facing a lot of bad press as people generally share David Banks’ opinion that the discrepancies are “careless”, and possibly even insulting to people in the affected towns. It is not only that places are missed out on the maps that’s the problem; some things are included which no longer exist. London’s Aldwych Station, for example, shows up on the map despite it being closed 18 years ago. The competition from rival smartphone company Android is high, and mistakes such as these could damage Apple’s reputation – particularly amongst residents of the lost city of Portsmouth.

Written by Adam Barley – Adam has been writing articles for numerous different areas of interest for a couple of years now and has become and experienced writer for many sources

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